Cultural Issues In Multicultural Education

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Multicultural Education occurs when education, values diversity; which, includes a variety of cultural groups. When dealing with Multicultural education you encounter controversial issues. The issue could be cultural uniqueness, religion, beliefs, language and customs. However these cultural issues can be taught to all students. An issue centered education will help a child understand other culture’s values, while making sure it involves equality and social justice. Also while insuring all students, including the ones with a disability receive the appropriate education. According to the media woman are less competent than males. In the media woman are portrayed as being powerless, or victims. Which can cause them to disqualify from successful opportunities. Furthermore there are two types of woman. One happens to be called the “good woman” while the other is called the “bad girl”. The good woman does all the house work, tend to the kids, is a top model, and caters to everyone needs. While the bad girl is the dishonest, aggressive, can’t keep a man, and ugly. In many cultures, woman stay home and society looks at them as non-educated. As a woman myself, we have to speak up about our feelings on being stereotyped. We have …show more content…
A female can’t play baseball and a male can’t play softball. Environmental differences have an effect on gender as well. Expectations are different a female will have a curfew, where is a male can come in as late as he wants. While in school a female maybe required to read more in the text than the male next to her. However, sometimes gender can cause you to miss out, this happens with acting as well. As I further my teachings I will strive to eliminate gender bias and take into consideration that all children are equal, and the only thing that’s holding them back is my positive non bias interactions. Plus staying engaged with my parents and striving for high

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