Student Debt Research Paper

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Education has increased in price over the years. With tuition rates ranging from at least $40,000 per semester, students have no choice but to take out loans. As some loans are abundant, these options have become widely accessible to pay off these costs. Sadly, these decisions have accumulated debts over a college student’s career. With few articles supporting from Megan and Gillispie, these loans can lead to detrimental problems during and after college. In other words, these costs have caused students to gain stress in their day to day lifestyle that may lead to withdrawing from classes, sleeping for insufficient hours, and increasing personal expenses. In college, students are expected to sign up for classes to earn …show more content…
Many of these students worry about their spendings and debts that they tackle on part time jobs to pay off these debts. From that, these payments will lower the debt causes by attending college. As with any working job, it creates a heavier burden on students who are trying in education and a job. As a result, most students start to spend more hours to study so that they can work. With the amount of work needed to perform these activities, students will not perform as well in education and most likely at work. Without the required 8 hours sleep, professors see sleep-deprived students walking to class and not learn anything from the lecture. As time pass on, these students will most likely get bad grades and have no other options but to repeat the course to earn their degrees. As students receiving grades of D or even F, there GPA will lower and will result in graduating late. This incident will require students to rely more heavily on loans and thus become encased in debt during their lifetime. While student loans may provide assistance in finishing college, McArdleBloomberg argues “that much of the economic benefit of college is the credential, rather than the education”(McArdleBloomberg) furthering that students spend ample money and end up not learning the materials. While that may be true, students still believe in that doing well in school will guarantee a job. From that, these students will exhaust themselves through these loans and still end up with massive debts after graduation. As these students continue to be affected by their lack of sleep, their personal finance is being seeped of its hard earned

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