College Dropouts Benefits

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A college education is undeniably worth the expense because there are better paying jobs, students will gain more knowledge in a variety of fields, and many college dropouts are encouraged to go back to school. (FINISH INTRODUCTION)
Going to college is worth the expense because there are better paying jobs. Many college graduates who do finish college end up with a higher paying job rather than people who do not. Individuals without a high school diploma or even with a high school diploma earn less money rather than people who have a Bachelor’s or Doctoral degree. Even people who have their Associates degree earn more income that is weekly. He says, “To worldly wealth, education adds richness” (Smith). Most people who go to college have higher
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College dropouts are encouraged to go back to school because they earn a minimum wage-pay. Many dropouts struggle with just a minimum pay job because they have families to support and bills to pay. They struggle to support their families and pay their bills because they chose to keep the minimum pay job rather than to further on their education. College dropouts struggle and are encouraged to go back to school because of their own children asking why they did not continue with college. For example, she states, “But I’m going to tell you something, before you graduate high school, I’m going to walk across a college stage” (Hanford). Specifically, college dropouts who are encouraged to go back to school actually go back and further on their education. They graduate from college, earn a higher income and acquire a better job to support their family and pay their bills without struggling. For instance, she says, “She graduated with an associate’s degree…four days before her son graduated from high school. Now she’s a billing manager at the state hospital – a position she couldn’t have gotten without a college education” (Hanford). As a result, college dropouts who are encouraged to go back to school will positively make it, graduate with a higher education than before, and earn a higher …show more content…
Many people argue that college is a waste of time. Consequently, because of many people dropping out and leaving with an enormous amount of student loans and debt. In this article, it states that, “Overall student debt now tops $1trillion, making it the single largest source of consumer debt. The average college senior now graduates with over $30,000 in loans” (449). Many individuals do not want to be stuck in a large amount of college debt. Preceding, this article states, “Department of Education, the student loan default rate is now 10 percent, which is the highest it has ever been in sixteen years” (449). For this reason, individuals would rather have a minimum wage job rather than further on their education and earn a higher

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