Benefits Of Skilled Labor Shortage Essay

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The United States is no stranger when it comes to shortages, however, a skilled labor shortage could prove problematic. An article published by the economist looked at the labor shortage experienced in Atlanta, in particular, the Atlanta Media Campus and Studios. Although this article brought up some valid information, it oversimplified the issue as a whole. This paper will address some of the points not mentioned in the article and conclude with how the information is relevant and helpful to the article.
In order to understand why a skilled labor shortage could appear in the U.S economy, we must first identify at a large, well-educated group of workers who are exiting the labor force. The impending retirement of the baby boomers could create a skill imbalance, which would attribute to the skilled labor shortage. According to David Neumark, Han Johnson, and Marisol Cuellar Mejia, the boomers “make up 34 percent of all adults in the United States, and 38 percent of all workers” (Neumark 1). This demographic are also relatively well-educated. Based on empirical evidence, as older workers exit the work force, usually they are replaced with much more educated, newer workers. However, the baby boomers are nearly as well-educated as the younger replacements. This implies that the retirement of the boomers will “slow the growth of skill levels in the workforce” (Neumark 2), which depending on the demand for skills, could create a skilled labor shortage.
The first point that will…

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