Baby Boomer Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Government assistance programs liability may increase from the current status. The federal liability could rise and double from current. Many economists anticipate aging boomers to create chaos in the housing market because a large percentage will remain in his or her home versus selling it. People are concerned that as million of Baby Boomers acknowledge retirement age will hinder America’s workforce. Fear of approaching labor shortage because of Baby Boomers retirement is reality. Many fear the number of employees paying taxes to support the entitlement programs will decrease. Americans predict the demand for medical attention coupled with the aging population will challenge resources that future generations are confronted with such as escalated inflation, phenomenal tax or could result in both. The phenomenal increase in Medicare cost for individuals aged 65 and older will escalate national debt (Orlovsky, n.d.).
Hospitals, nursing homes, and other organizations will need to pursue creative solutions to resolve the worker shortage in health care industry. Some hospitals and factories are currently indulging in
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Health care and other industry will need to acknowledge the imperative need to implement change as a means to meet the demand of boomer era. Many of today’s health care employees are themselves part of the Baby Boomers era. The average age of nurses employed in a hospital is 40 and the majority is approaching the end of his or her career. The Baby Boomers existence will play a major role in health care demand and availability. Health care negative issue will originate from over-demand. Generally, people tend to need health care more as he or she age (Chesterfield,

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