Medical Imaging Technologist

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Good morning/afternoon Mrs Gracie and class. Today I will be presenting my oral report on my chosen occupation of a Radiographer. A radiographer is a person who assists in the diagnosis and management of disease or injury through taking radiographic images. Radiographic images are things like X-Ray's and CT Scans.This occupation can also be called a Medical Imaging Technologist.

The basic tasks of this occupation include:
Interpreting requests for X-Ray examinations
Determining appropriate imaging techniques
Calculating the details of each procedure including the required length and settings of each image
Developing X-Ray films
Operating imaging equipment
Explaining procedures to patients and answering questions
Ensuring that patients undergo
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It is essential to have good time management so that each appointment runs on time and records can be sent to general practitioners as soon as possible.
This job also requires high attention detail which would become quite difficult in an unorganised environment, so organisation is key. Organisation is shown in my life when I have to hand in drafts and assignments for school, keep track of my homework, turn up to sport trainings and committee meetings and simply keeping my work-space at home organised and tidy.

The main education and training for this occupation comes from university. An OP 11 is required along with the prerequisites of English, Math and Physics. A four year course of the Bachelor of Medical Imaging is the next step taken to become a radiographer. This course is available at CQ University, Deakin University, University of Canberra, University of Sydney, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and many more.
After the graduation of this course some people choose to specialise in a field and undergo a post-graduate degree. These include a Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound and Graduate Diploma in Medical
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These are Mackay Radiology, Queensland X-Ray at two different locations and Sarina Medical Imaging. There are currently two jobs available in Mackay and a total of 148 in Queensland. Similar jobs include: a specialist in Medical Imaging (Sonographer), radiologist, diagnostic radiographer, radiation therapist, specialist in cardiac ultrasound and a specialist in medical

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