School Violence Prevention Policy Analysis

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All schools work to prevent school violence and help to make schools safe places. Students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety. After reviewing the current violence prevention policy and emergency response plan for my school, I noticed several strengths and weaknesses, critical areas that need to be addressed, and laws that were not being enforced. To start this plan, I am going to review the information that was gleamed from our current policy. STRENGTHS OF THE CURRENT PLAN
The current policy stressed the importance of communication in the case of an emergency. This section of the plan provided transparent, effective internal and external communication action steps between the school, staff, students,
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Considering the recent rise in bullying, I was surprised that the plan did not include a section for bullying. Bullying intervention programs are needed to deal with the rise of intimidation. Also, the current plan does not address the direct involvement of school security. School security members play a very vital role in the prevention of school violence. Security officers plan a vital role in the safety of students and in the promotion of a positive school …show more content…
The initial step to respond to violence is the alert the principal. The principal will then alert his or her supervisor to determine the next steps. The principal will monitor the situation and make the appropriate decision to determine if law enforcement is needed.

Active Shooter
An active shooter on school property can cause major damage and consume lives. A person that decides to impose may also possess a gun, a knife, a bomb or other destructive device. An active shooter should result in law enforcement being alerted. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, it is critical to follow the instructions of, and cooperate with, the law enforcement.

It is critical that all staff know how to handle coming into contact with an unknown person who may be an intruder with violent intent on school property. It is important to always avoid power struggles and maintain consciousness with someone that is on school property.

If the incident involving an intruder or hostage situation results in law enforcement being contacted and activated, it is critical to follow the instructions of, and cooperate with, the law enforcement official who will be the Incident Commander with jurisdiction at the

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