Schools Should Address Bullying More Seriously Essay

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Schools Should Address Bullying More Seriously

What precautions are actually taken to prevent bullying within the schools? Are the students whom are victims being stood up for and the bully’s getting punished, or is the issue taken lightly and pushed under the rug? Bullying is a serious issue, especially in today’s society. Kids are hurting each other and themselves because of the acts of their peers. If schools would address bullying more seriously it would help promote a safe and happy atmosphere, raise student’s self-confidence and also may improve students’ overall work effort.

By addressing bullying more seriously it would promote a happy safe environment for the staff and students. There should be a safe and supportive resource the students can confide in. The students should feel fearless and unthreatened. There are tons of ways that can help promote a positive atmosphere for the students such as: classroom meetings, parents’ nights, anti-bullying seminar, etc. There is
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How is that fair? “Yes it is okay, bully that kid”, honestly this thought just reinforces the idea bullying is okay and harmless. Bullying has been going on what seems like since the beginning of time. Some might say bullying was not around when they were younger, but it was it just stayed at “school”. Meaning that once the child was away from his/her bully it was over, but not bullying is also done through via text or even social media. A lot of parents say well it’s just kids being kids and that is fine but why should one kid be miserable and sad while another is making his fun through him. It does not make any sense. If kids think it is okay to bully and harass other kids constantly they will think its okay do things of that nature anytime. Parents need to learn to not just ignore it or put it off. With proper consequences it could positively change the child 's

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