Traumatizing Truth About Bullying Essay

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The Traumatizing Truth about Bullying

American society is made up of many different people with many different backgrounds and beliefs. Sometimes, these beliefs turn into arguments. A social issue us a situation in society that people often do not know how to handle. Some issues include how to handle bullying, legalization of drugs in certain states, and self defense laws. Social issues exist because not everyone is going to be on the same page. Bullying has been around for years, and schools think that they are doing enough to handle and put a stop to it, but other people not so much. If schools had a working system in place, we would not keep hearing about the physical and mental arguments that still continue to be a common issue. A worldwide
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Some say that bullying is a narcissistic sort of act and does not need a big plan in place to prevent it. (Domdeck) Some people say that schools take charge of bullying by giving the bully a second chance to apologize before being punished. (Preddy) Although people may think it is a great lesson in giving others a second chance, it really just teaches people that you always have two chances when in reality, you only have one. Parents say that schools “Help ensure that all students , regardless of race or religion, are provided a safe learning environment” (Preddy). If schools really did make sure of that, less cases of bullying incidents would be reported. Most kids today get made fun of for their clothes or origin. If school systems did ensure all students were provided a safe learning environment no matter what the circumstance is, then no one would complain or report about being bullied. There are many solutions that people have come up with to put a stop to bullying, but they are not enforced, and therefore do not work. No matter what plan is put into place, there is not really a solution to bullying. There may be things to make bullying not so harsh, but it never will really go …show more content…
Some solutions that are currently in place at some schools is that there are forms in the main office for people to report bullying. This ensures that staff members are aware of incidents that have occurred so they can put a watchful eye out. Other solutions are where you can take the problem down to the police station if they are serious enough. The police men/women will handle the situation from there and take precautionary measures. These solutions are appropriate because they are not over dramatic and will not cause gossip, or spread rumors. Taking situations such as bullying to an adult is a responsible thing to do. It assures that things do not get out of hand. A possible future solution would just be to enforce the rules and laws about bullying that we have now. If someone bullies someone, they should be suspended and the victim should get proper mental health if needed. “Kids who are bullied can experience negative, physical, school and mental health effects” (Preddy). If students are suffering both physically and mentally, it should be the school 's responsibility to get that child the care they need. Overall, bullying is a worldwide problem that should be taken much more seriously than it is

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