Essay On Why Bullies Should Be Expelled From School

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Have you ever been a victim of in-school bullying or know someone who has?Bullying is comprised of direct behaviors such as taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing that are initiated by one of more people against a victim.Often, victims are picked on about their weight, choice of dress, sexual identity, skin color, accent, disability, and many more things that differs from individual to individual.According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly a third of all students aged twelve to eighteen reported having been bullied at school in 2007, some almost daily. Since then, the bullying rate may or may not have increased. Bullies should be expelled from school because they have a negative impact on their victims,student body, …show more content…
Some individuals feel that they shouldn 't be expelled out of sympathy for the bullies. I concede that bullies have feelings too and may have strong feelings against getting expelled ; however, they should have thought about the consequences and also about how they were making their victim feel.In many cases of bullying, the victims will sometimes experience low self-esteem, lack of assertiveness, difficulty controlling anger, and/ or isolation because of being hurt by a bully who clearly doesn 't care to consider others ' feelings. This is reason enough to show that in situations like this, the victim 's feelings should be considered more than the bully 's because the bully chose to intentionally hurt feelings and therefore should be punished. In the situations where teachers are bullies as well, I still stick by my opinion that "all bullies should be expelled from schools" ! The teacher bullies can cause just as much hurt to the child as the student bullies cause, if not more.Often, in the cases where the teacher is picking on a certain student, the student begins to feel that they are not smart enough and will not succeed. This then leads to the student developing a low self-esteem. Expulsion of the teacher bully can result in the child not dreading the class he/she teaches, higher grades in that class and sometimes others, and a higher self esteem that can make the child feel like they can succeed at whatever he/she puts their mind

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