The Importance Of School Shootings

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Register to read the introduction… School shootings can lead to other violence because of the sadness that was caused by the school shooting. People do not realize that school shootings do not only affect the students who attend that school, but school shootings affect others across America. There are many ways school shooting affect children. Many students may feel anxiety about the events that took place. A lot of people worry that a school shooting or similar events could happen in their school (Brantly 1). School shootings cause a lot of sadness because children are getting injured and killed for no reason. Not only families are feeling upset, but others are too. People feel bad for families and the innocent children.
People may wonder if schools have enough security and protection. Schools have a lot different ways they’re using security. There is not much more they can do. Schools could be more secure if they were to combine more security methods together. Schools use many different types of security. Some public schools place metal detectors at the building entrances to prevent anyone from bringing weapons onto school grounds. The metal detectors
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We can do many thing that will decrease the chance of school shootings happening. First, we should strengthen the gun laws. Privileges have to be earned, they aren't a given. People should to prove that they are mentally stable and have a reasonable need to own a gun. We need to make gun owners experience mandatory training. Such as locking up their gun, loading and unloading safely, storing bullets separately and in safe place, and practice making gun ownership safer. We need to give all police powers of inspection - checking gun safes, safe storage, training. No one can buy a gun without a training certificate, in addition to background checks. No Internet sales of guns or ammunition and no walking out with the gun the same

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