CCPT In Schools: A Case Study

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The discussion about how therapy and schooling are used in conjunction with each other is often found to be difficult to assess. Legally schools are require to provide services to not only develop students’ academic needs, but also the social and emotional aspects of students as well (CASEL, 2016). Schools are often provided with the challenge of developing a system which holistically supports children in all aspects of their personhood. Rigorous curriculum are necessary as state testing and other such requirements are tied to overall funding of the school (Spann, 2015).
As such, time has become a factor which creates difficulties in providing all the necessary services to students. Recess and other programs have been reduced in order
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CCPT has been well supported through the literature and has adaptable components which would work well in either an individual or group setting (Perryman, 2015). Play is an integrate part of child development (Perryman, 2015). The use of CCPT not only allows children to feel supported, but also taps into a process which should be naturally occurring in a child’s current life (Perryman, 2015). This paper is a chance to explore the feasibility of providing CCPT in the school setting. Three themes have emerged from the literature, perception and support, the benefits of CCPT, and group setting and age. Children entering the school system should not only be fostered intellectually, but also emotionally, and socially. CCPT provides that needed support towards lasting change in their overall school experience (Perryman, …show more content…
Green and Christensen (2006) researched student perception of CCPT using seven students. The students interviewed had relationship established with their school counselor. The researchers found that students liked the established relationship that is developed through the therapy technique. Additionally the feelings of choice in what they get to do was also a key factor in the therapies success. Being given a choice allows for children to feel they are receiving attention and concern for their development while allowed them to grow in their own self-worth. CCPT established the use of empathy and fostered positive feelings within students. CCPT gives opportunity to provide choice in how play in managed while also establishing beneficial relationships through the therapist or group setting (Perryman, 2015).
Benefits of CCPT CCPT if most often used with students in elementary and middle school (Perryman, 2015). This therapy type allows for individuals to express themselves through the use play. This natural occurring processes provides children with the opportunity to be in charge of

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