Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Small Church

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I grew up in a small church, where my mom was a Sunday school teacher and my dad was the Assistant Pastor. They also were involved in the youth a lot. Growing up, I can remember driving down the road on our way to church and seeing kids that knew or my mom knew and we would ask them if they wanted to go to church with us. Next thing you knew, we have like 5-6 local kids going to church with us. I can remember when we use to ask them where they lived so we could make sure that it was alright with their parents if they came to church with us and they would reply and say “My parents aren’t home they are working, they won’t care.” or “As long as I am not in the house, my parents don’t care.” It was very sad to hear that kind of responses. Then when it became time for church the next week, the children that we brought with us would come back, but they had friends with them. I was an only child, so most of the kids that came to church with us …show more content…
My mom somehow found out about this other teacher who tutored kids how to read. I ended up joining her tutoring classes, every Tuesday and 4 o’clock, I remember going to Reading Boot Camp. Kathy Alfke was the instructor. She gave me this book called the Victory Drill Book. Each page had columns of words and every page got harder. Each child has a certain number of words that they have to get through before 1 minute is up. So for example, 2nd graders had to read 20 words in 1 minute, which was two columns. At the time it seemed like I was never going to get it. As you got better at reading you would move on and you 're reading level word increase. I finally got through the book, which was a wonderful feeling. Once I got finished going through it, I helped the younger children learn how to read. I would time them and help them pass pages. It was exciting watching how excited they got when they would reach a goal. It made me feel good inside like I was making a difference in their

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