Focus Group Case Study

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Teacher/Administrative Focus Group
The teacher and administrator focus group was conducted on Wednesday, March 1, 2016 before school. Seven participants were included in the teacher and administrative focus group including two teachers from Oilton Middle School, three teachers from Oilton High School, the principal at Oilton High School, and the school counselor. The focus group interview session enabled the researcher to build conversations around specific topics, and allowed the interviewer to build increased levels of rapport with the participants.
The first questions asked of the focus group focused on the meaning of parent involvement to parent parents. JP, the school counselor replied, “There is a group of parents that expects their kids
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ST, high school teacher replied, “In my opinion, it seems like parent involvement here at our school seems to be when things aren’t going well with their student, and then that’s when the parents want to be involved.” LS, middle school teacher replied, “I would have to agree with ST and that we need to have more positive parent communication versus negative communication.” Focus group members perceive that parents aren’t informed or involved until something goes wrong. Group members agreed that staff members throughout the district need to sustain positive communications with parents in order to develop rapport and …show more content…
EM, high school teachers began the conversation and stated, “One of the things I have noticed here in this community is the lack of initiative to want to learn.” The school counselor then stated, “I think we should start earlier getting the parents involved in a plan of study and have a goal. I don’t see parents and students having a goal besides just getting through.” Five of the seven focus group members believed that it is essential to develop initiative among parents and students and foster goal setting skills among parents while continuing to provide opportunities for assistance such as tutoring and after-school help for both students and

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