Hitler's Experiments During The Holocaust

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Many people believe that Adolf Hitler was the only cruel person during the Holocaust and didn’t care about the victims affected by it, but Dr. Josef Mengele makes this statement very untrue. He’s known for performing some extremely gruesome experiments on a large number of men, women, and even children. Mengele performed some experiments that are unspeakable and haunted some of the victims who survived them. Almost all “villains” have a reason as to why they like to see others in pain. Of course, Nazis believed he was doing the right thing because it’s as if they were brainwashed, Josef Mengele might have been brainwashed as well and that's why he didn’t care what the victims of his experiments felt or thought. It’s almost as if he had no respect …show more content…
“Mengele had joined the Nazi Party in 1937, at the age of 26, while working under his mentor in Frankfurt. In 1938, he joined the SS and a reserve unit of the Wehrmacht. His unit was called up in 1940, and he seems to have served willingly, even volunteering for the Waffen-SS medical service. Between the fall of France and the invasion of the Soviet Union, Mengele practiced eugenics in Poland by evaluating Polish nationals for potential “Germanization,” or race-based citizenship in the Reich. In 1941, his unit was deployed to Ukraine in a combat role. Josef Mengele the rich, popular kid and outstanding student distinguished himself again at the front for bravery bordering on heroics. He was decorated several times, once for dragging wounded men out of a burning tank, and repeatedly commended for his dedication to service”(all-that-is-interesting.com). “During his infamous tenure at the concentration camp, Josef Mengele was not the only physician at Auschwitz, nor was he, as common wisdom often maintains, the highest-ranking physician at the camp; this “distinction” belonged to SS captain Dr. Eduard Wirths, whose position as garrison physician made him responsible in all medical matters for the entire camp complex. Mengele began his career at Auschwitz in the spring of 1943 as the medical officer responsible for Birkenau's “Gypsy camp.” Several weeks after its liquidation, Mengele undertook a new position as Chief Camp Physician of Auschwitz. In November 1943, still under Wirths' jurisdiction” (www.ushmm.org).”He also began to grow an interest in human genetics. His interests grew right at the time when a number of Germans were saying some people had unworthy life”

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