Nazi Concentration Camps

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Throughout all of World War II and the Holocaust, the Nazis relied on the use of concentration camps to carry out the Final Solution, exploit the Jews and other undesirables, and use what they stole to be able to fund their involvement in the war. The Nazi rulers were able to train their own versions of troops and create an elite association of men who ran the concentration camps. The SS was made of men who were able to kill people at point blank. By the times these men were done with training, they had lost all their morals of right and wrong. The next group was the Gestapo. This group was created to have a secret police force in Germany. The last group was the doctors of the holocaust. They were brought to the camps to do experiments on prisoners. The Nazi leaders, including the SS, Gestapo, and the doctors were very influential in the persecution of Jews and undesirables. The SS founded in 1925 by Adolf Hitler himself. The SS stands for Schutzstaffel or protective echelon. Hitler founded the SS to serve as his protection and personal bodyguards throughout the war. The SS soon expanded to the most powerful military groups in all of Germany. The first SS consisted of only eight people who Hitler fully trusted. The SS went through three leaders before getting to the infamous leader …show more content…
The first group was the SS. The main leader was Heinrich Himmler and this group was famous for their role in the concentration camps. The next group was the Gestapo. This was created so Germany could have a secret police to suppress any form of opposition against the Nazis. The last group was the doctors of the holocaust. The main doctor was Mengele, who was famous for his experiments on hundred of patients. As one can see the holocaust was a huge part of the world 's history and the people who started it were very influential to the

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