Internment Campss In The Holocaust

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Some might say that history might be repeating itself with everything that is going on.
There are many things going on in this world with the Syrian refugees that can be compared to what happened in the Holocaust and the Japanese being put in the internment camps. The things that are happening in syria right now and the refugees wanting to leave is similar to what happened with the Jews in Germany. The Holocaust was a very difficult time for the jews. Adolf Hitler was mostly the one to blame for almost everything. He made people believe that the Jews were the cause for their loss in World War l and the debt they were in. You might think how did he make all those countries believe in such absurd things? He used propaganda
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The Japanese were put in internment camps just because of their ethnicity. The internment camps were put in the West Coast of the U.S. The Americans had a fear of the Japanese Americans because they thought they were spies and they would send information because to Japan. They feared that something that happened in Pearl Harbor would happen if they were out like they were. While evacuating from their homes they had to sell their homes, their stores, and most of their assets. Just like the Jews during the Holocaust. Even Japanese veterans were forced to leave and go to the internment camps. The Americans tried to put the location of the camps where life would not be easy for the Japanese. They had interns that they would pay five dollars an hours. If they ever tried to leave the camps they were to immediately be shot. Most interns didn’t try to escape because they knew the consequence. Although the Japanese camps were not as bad as the concentration camps, it was still an inhumane thing to do. They were basically blaming the wrong people and they shouldn’t have done that. Again just like the …show more content…
The Jews tried to escape before anything happened and the U.S wouldn’t allow it. The U.S is doing the same thing with the Syrian refugees. They don’t want any of them here because they think something will happen. I think if they bring them over here they will save more lives because right now they are damaging 12 million people, that is more lives affected than Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, and the Indian Ocean tsunami combined, lives right now and a lot of those are children. The children don’t have the fault for anything. If the U.S didn’t help the Jews i think they should still try to help the Syrian refugees now that there is still time. Right now the refugees are living in Turkey, France, Lebanon, and in little safe camps in

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