Essay On Movie Editing

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Movie editing is defined as “the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence” on Wikipedia. While actors and directors gain fame and fortune from feature films, the editors get little recognition for their hard work that makes movie exciting. Without these editors, movies would be a dull, never-ending scene with a lot dead space. Editors are able to craft a film to evoke any emotions that they want, simply by changing the timing of the shot. Film editing is almost as old as film itself, the innovators of editing used their art to transform films from a boring set of moving pictures into an exciting story telling medium. Today, films are extremely expensive to make and feature high tech CGI. Some of this new technology …show more content…
However, when I say the name Michael Kahn, almost no one is aware that he has edited some of the most popular films like Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan, and Schindler’s List. Editors do not get the appreciation that they deserve because they are not usually featured on the headlines of the movie. It would sound crazy to go to watch a movie simply because the viewer liked the style of the editor. Editors spend more time with the director than most actors in a film. The editing process is the heart of any movie and that is why I am pleased to know that best film editor has been added as an Oscar Award. Before watching this documentary, I never really focused on how films were edited. After seeing it, I have begun to notice when cuts are made during my favorite TV shows. The idea of the “invisible cut” was introduced early in film editing history and helped make action more fluid when the camera angle was switched. This technique is still used today in any action film and helps the viewer comprehend what is going on. I used to not be able to tell why older films from the 1950s looked different from modern ones, but now I can tell that it is because of the techniques that were used during

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