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  • Magasin Des Modes Analysis

    Although neither the Cabinet des modes nor the Magasin des modes nouvelles françaises et anglaises exclusively appealed to women, the editor of the Magasin des modes nouvelles françaises et anglaises admitted that the periodical needed “to be more specifically intended for [women]” and that “[they] had to think of satisfying [women] first.” Oftentimes, two of the three plates in an issue represented female fashions. Moreover, the first plate that the Cabinet des modes published depicted a woman. These periodicals unevenly covered female fashions at least in part because they considered French women to be especially talented and more eager to participate in that realm; the editor of the Cabinet des modes justified his coverage of a fashion,…

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  • Slaughterhouse Five By Pique Analysis

    Editors must have: competence, fairness, confidentiality, expeditiousness. This is something I understood unconsciously but it is refreshing to read it and get reminded of my own responsibilities. The manuscript I am editing will need to be looked over twice to ensure that I did not insert any personal bias in the piece or change things simply because they fit my preferences. Overall, one thing I have noticed throughout all the articles we have read thus far about editing, is that each discusses…

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  • French Fashion Revolution

    publication editors, the fashion press functioned as a mediator between merchants and consumers. The editors of the fashion press considered fashions to move “presque toujours dans un cercle, ou dans une chaine sans fin;” however, the importance of variety for French commerce created an incentive for French fashions to change more rapidly than those of other countries. In an article titled “Fashionable Absurdities in France,” The Fashionable Magazine wrote that “it [French fashion] keeps one…

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  • Letter To The Editor Research Paper

    My full name is Genevieve Kenmore Sanders, but I usually go by Genny. I am a sophomore, and in my free time, I like hiking with my dog Cake, reading books that challenge me and/or make me look at the world in a different way, and hanging out with my friends. I am an opinions editor for the school newspaper, the Wolfpacket, and I love pushing the boundaries of what we typically publish by running more risky articles that will encourage strong feedback, positive or negative, from the rest of the…

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  • Project Description: Beditor (Better Editor)

    Project Description Beditor (Better Editor)* is an iPhone app that will take the complexity out of the process of editing and sharing the photos from the user’s phone. iPhones are known for being able to take DSLR quality photos. Thousands of photos are taken, edited, and shared on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook everyday. Rarely are photos taken and immediately uploaded, users want to edit their photos to make them look even better, but today most photo editing apps…

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  • Kathryn Rusch Essay

    Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a Hugo Award Best Novellette winner for her story “Millennium Babies” in 2001. She would an Endeavour Award in 2003 for “The Disappeared. “Recovering Apollo 8” was awarded Sidwise Award for Alternate History in the short form in 2008 and won an Asimov Readers Choice Award. It also got a Hugo nomination As editor of Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, she won a Hugo for Best Professional Editor. Rusch and Smith won a World Fantasy Award in 1989 for editing a…

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  • The Secret Sharer Alberto Manguel Analysis

    mentions that some people have gone as far as comparing editors to Procustes, a Greek robber, who has “placed his visitors on an iron bed and stretched them or cut off the overhanging parts until they fitted exactly to his liking (Manguel, 132).” This is a faulty comparison as editing and torturing people have no relation to each other, though some may disagree. Manguel details editors as people who will reduce literature to a set of rules and tinge their opinion with their authority. He…

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  • Abraham Lincoln Goals

    lawyer and abolish slavery (Editors, 2015). There were obstacles he had to get through to accomplish his goal and it’s all in his history (Editors, 2015). Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky (Editors, 2015). He lived here with his mother Nancy Lincoln and his father Thomas Lincoln. Abraham’s mother died from tremetol (milk sickness) when he was 9 years old (Editors, 2015). After Nancy’s death, Abraham’s…

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  • The Negative Aspects Of Film Editing

    A film editor organizes the various shots obtained by the director into sequence in order to tell the director and writer’s story. In early film, editors would work with raw film combining the many shots into sequences resulting in motion pictures. Today’s editors have the advantage of digital film and editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Editing does not end at sequencing the shots. The editor must add the sound to the sequences of shots. The editor will add recorded dialogue, and…

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  • John Rawls Veil Of Ignorance Case Study

    situation. Rawls' Veil of Ignorance "asks readers to decide what rules of distributive justice should apply to society" (Sanger & Rossiter, 2011, p.380). This means that before making a decision, you must put yourself in the shoes of every person involved to try to find a solution that benefits everyone equally. If I were in the situation of the editor and had a to fix an overtime problem the first step for me would be to completely remove myself from the equation and make an objective decision…

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