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  • Pink Floyd Foo Fighter Analysis

    musicians record a cover song to pay homage to their favorite musicians and to the musicians that have inspired them. This is exactly why Foo Fighters covered a song composed by Pink Floyd called “Have a Cigar” and in this paper will compare Pink Floyd’s version of the song with the Foo Fighters’ version. “Have a Cigar” is a colossally popular Pink Floyd song from one of Pink Floyd’s finest…

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  • An Analysis Of Pink Floyd's Song 'Time'

    differences between lyrics and poems. Poems are outlined to be silent or aloud, on the other hand lyrics are mapped out to go along with music. Poems, unlike lyrics, can be misunderstood and read without a sound, however lyrics normally need accompanying music to be understood in the correct way. If you lay out the lyrics of Pink Floyd 's song "Time" without the accompanying music, many questions and observations come to mind. One of which why is there no chorus in the song? Songs generally…

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  • Why Won T They Talk To Me Analysis

    spaced out and complex tunes of psychedelic rock born in the 1960’s by numerous artists ranging from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and more have evolved over the years into a mix of antique guitar and present-day disco pop. The discourse community of psychedelic rock which arose in the 1960’s is still alive and evolving today while holding the same values of peace, love, and sharing the love for music through dance, and spirit. Tame Impala, a modern psychedelic…

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  • Quotes In The Great Gatsby

    In the hit album Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Roger Waters shows his longing for the past in the song “Vera.” In order to fully understand this, you will need some background knowledge on Roger Waters. Waters’ father fought and died in World War II, leaving this two-year-old boy without a father. Not having a father would later prove to have negative impacts on the life and happiness of Waters. The lyrics of “Vera,” while they are confusing, are very meaningful. “Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?…

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  • Dance In Ancient Greek Culture

    Dance is an art form consisting of individuals or groups moving in patterns, either practiced or impromptu, to the rhythm of music. Dance and music go hand in hand, allowing the music to set a tone for the dance, creating different styles of dance. Dance is likely to have begun as a ritual to appeal to a culture’s worshipped being or included in ones “rite of passage” (Histoy of Dance, n.d.). Evidence has been found in India showing the existence of dance in the form of paintings made in caves…

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  • Bamboo Industry History

    Bamboo Industry was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1983, by Ingo Ito and George DIN (see Gabriel Le Mar and George DIN). They originally conceived Bamboo Industry as a pop-duo project, mixing industrial sounds with influences of traditional Asian music. After they had recorded their first demo-tapes this way, they were joined by additional musicians and the musical concept shifted to an alternative pop band of the eighties with a touch of Bamboo. The first band line-up in 1985 was: * Ingo Ito:…

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  • Pink Floyd: The Psychedelic Rock Movement

    boundaries; let alone make waves in the industry. While there were several psychedelic bands that broke out and managed to change our perception of the psychedelic rock genre, the most notable band of this movement would be no other than Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd, unlike other bands from the 1970s, is often remembered as a band of writers that had a talent for leaving fans questioning the true meaning to their art. Some notable examples of Pink Floyd’s work is the movie The Wall, The…

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  • The City Of Rock And The Wall Of Water

    I. Scope The City of Stone is made of three parts, the main city of stone, the city of Rock and the wall of Water. The main city that is surrounded by three walls and there is a wall that separates the city of stone and the city of Rock. The city of Rock has no walls within it. There is a wall, the third wall that can be found further than the location of the wall that separates the main city and the city of Rock, it marks the end of city. At the end of the city is the Wall of Water,…

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  • Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Analysis

    In the music video Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, Pink Floyd is attempting to bring into light the cookie cutter education system that, to many, seems to make the children into a design that sometimes is often not made for the children themselves. It seems to be a cry for reform in the way that children are raised so that those that do not fit into the design are not cast aside. Before the modern education system currently implemented student were often forced into a system lacking in…

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  • Song Analysis Of Brain Damage By Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd Pink Floyd was formed in London, England in 1965. According to Rolling Stones, the original band members (except Barrett) was studying at the same school in 1964. However, Barrett was an art student. Barrett actually came up with the name for them from a blues album by Pink Anderson and Floyd Anderson. Pink Floyd began in the underground London scene, where they developed their psychedelic sound. Their music was a mix between hard rock, country, folk, blues and electronic, which…

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