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  • The Effects Of Circadian Rhythm And Sleep

    Circadian rhythm is defined as the biological clock in the brain that operates internal organs on a reoccurring 24-hour cycle (Myers, 2014). It is an advanced timing system relying on sunlight and darkness to control biochemical changes effectively to prepare the body to go to sleep (Laber-Warren, 2015). The suprachiasmatic nucleus, located in the hypothalamus, monitors the intensity of blue light waves and serves as the brain’s master clock (Myers, 2014). The master clock can be altered if it encounters bright lights at night including the digital screens of cellphones, TV sets, or laptops which have the same blue light waves as sunlight (Laber-Warren, 2015). This altercation sends messages to the brain thinking it’s the morning causing…

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  • Essay On Rhythm And Blues

    In contrast to that, Rhythm & Blues are best known for its sufferings, to trudge along the lines of hardships while smiling through the phase of uncertainty. This genre is the music to the soul which we can be enlighten by it. However, since the downfall of the real Rhythm and Blues, here comes the “contemporary Rhythm and Blues” which is nothing short of innuendos of sex and one’s affection towards the others, period. Then again, we must emphasize the importance of Rhythm and Blues because…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Circadian Rhythm

    The Circadian Rhythm is your internal biological clock. It is how your body naturally reacts to the 24 hour day. When the morning approaches, your body temperature will rise and peak during the day, as the day comes to an end your temperature will lower. Last summer, sensing how close I was to college and knowing I would be in desperate need of money I decided to do what most students do, get a job. Luckily for me my local Target Superstore was hiring and after an application and a couple…

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  • Rhythm And Blues: Ruth Brown

    Most people will tell you that that R&B stands for ‘rhythm and blues,’ but some will still argue that it stands for Ruth Brown. A talented R&B singer throughout the 1950s and later in life a successful theater actress, Ruth Brown reshaped the music industry with her bluesy, storytelling ballads and her signature squeaks. Nicknamed “Miss Rhythm” by “Mr. Rhythm” Frankie Laine and called the original diva, Ruth Brown was influential in bridging the gap between the blues and R&B. Ruth Brown faced…

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  • Aesthetic Rhythm Definition

    Metrical Composition IV According to the great John Fowles, “We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in word.” The beast of what art is compelled of, and the individual presents of being able to express the feelings that you have towards something you are dealing with in life can be announced as poetry . The aesthetic rhythm presents the audience with a gulling fiction of love, nature, hate, and suspense. Time has developed where a spread of hip hop artists are…

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  • City Rhythm Essay

    When sharing rhythm, people feel more at ease with each other. Such rhythms can be mundane for example in the activities we do every day: bringing the kids to school, walking the dog, being in the same train to work, putting out the garbage and more. These mundane rhythms are at the heart of sustaining everyday life and shaping trust, for example, the local policeman who passes by the school every day so that parents can easily approach him generates trust. The opposite, not sharing rhythm while…

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  • Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

    A heart rhythm disorder is an abnormal variation from the normal heartbeat. Heart rhythm disorders involve abnormalities of one or more of the following: heart rate, regularity of beats, sites where electrical impulses originate, or sequence of activation of heartbeats. Heart rhythm disorder is also referred to as an arrhythmia. The primary function of the heart is to supply blood and nutrients to the body. The regular beating, or contraction, of the heart moves the blood throughout the body.…

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  • Pentathlon Translations

    4 ANALYSIS OF THE MATERIAL In this chapter I will first use the five different aspects from Peter Low’s Pentathlon Principle to analyze the translations. Thus, firstly I will be analyzing the musical features of the translations; the rhyme, rhythm, naturalness, sense and singability. Lastly, I will analyze the translations according to Johan Franzon’s three aspects of music translation, and I will analyze whether there has been used re-creation, hook-translation or reverent translation in the…

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  • Café La Maze Concert Report

    It started with a soft and slow tempo that became more fast over time. The initial melody had syncopation that made you want to dance slowly side to side; it was quite a slow romantic song. The drums kept a steady soft 3/3 beat. After the initial melody, the vocalist started singing lyrics that incorporated the title of the song. His voice was a little hard to understand, at times it sounded as if he had a really thick accent or as if he was mumbling the lyrics. Even though it was difficult to…

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  • Human Phenomenon Analysis

    plain, boring, square or rectangle buildings. Listening to music Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony Rhythm is to be the most important part of music. It has to deal with the timing, beats, and silence that are in each piece of music. When we listen to music there is a beat to each song that can be pleasing to listen to. Tempo is the speed of the beats that we listen to. When reading this chapter about Rhythm I had a better understanding of music notes. I learned about the rhythm and beat that happens…

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