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  • The Descent Of Alette Poem Analysis

    Alice Notley’s The Descent of Alette is an epic poem that shows the relationship between gender, sex, and the human body. By doing so, Notley challenges the traditional form of an epic poem through her use of a female hero and a series of lyric poems that create an epic poem. Here, we see two sets of binaries: female hero/male hero and lyric poem/epic poem. Additionally, these binaries are a function of hierarchy. By resisting traditional binaries, Notley shows equality through an open space for equal heterogeneous forms. In contrast, Yukio Mishima’s The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea expresses roles of glory and masculinity through the use of forms. Mishima emphasizes traditional forms. Mishima is distinct from Notley, as she challenges traditional forms and advocates for more forms while he upholds traditional pre-established forms. Notley’s writing highlights the importance of the human body and the representation of sex in contrast to gender. The idea of having a female character relies heavily on Alette’s sex of being a woman. Alette travels through different caves and preserves her identity as a woman. One cave is made out of flesh, and Alette encounters a naked man. He says, “ ‘I wonder’ ‘what its like’ ‘not’ ‘to have a sex’ ” (Notley 57). Notley uses both of the characters’ sex as a way to have form. However, Alette then proceeds to say, “ ‘We [disattach] them then- ‘my vagina,’ ‘his penis’ ‘pulled them out of’ ‘our bodies’ ” (Notley 57). The sex of both…

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  • The Exponential Growth Of Today's Culture

    The exponential growth of social media has spurred the creation of a unique form of communication in today’s culture. What do I meme? The use of the Internet meme has served as a phenomenon that has changed the way people communicate and have had a notable influence on forms of cultural expression. Memes are defined as, “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from one person to another in a culture and often altered in a creative or humorous way (i.e. images, phrases, snapshots, gifs,…

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  • Kanye West: A Theoretical Analysis

    for artists trying to enter the music industry. However, genuine artistic and personal depth are still necessary qualities for an artist to have to avoid being classified as a novelty act due to overexposure on the internet. One artist that has failed to avoid overexposure on the internet, according to Chris Richards of the Washington Post, is Drake. Drake has “… finally tipped over into the dank realm of overexposure,” leading to the artist “…retrofitting his image to satisfy yesterday’s…

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  • Human Views In Susan Blackmore's Strange Creatures

    Gopnik’s work he describes how his daughter started to pick up the busy life style that her mother, brother , and father had adopted just by watching them through the "memes eye view". The busyness of New York is required and if the concept of humans learning by imitation is true it is very easy for a child to pick up the busy lifestyle and attitude because they don 't have a life of their own yet. But at the same time, if this law of imitation is true, it 's extremely easy for children to pick…

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  • Black Mirror Show Analysis

    The advent of modern platforms such as the expansive Internet, that includes social networking and news consumption, along with television viewership and even the use of an app, allows the meme of Waldo to spread rapidly; Waldo evolves into an international phenomenon by the end of the episode. At the close of the show, Waldo is seen across billboards in a Orwellian police state, proving that he has become one of the most powerful memes ever created. According to a passage in our text by Richard…

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  • Definition Of Memes Essay

    What is a meme? One would think that the answer would be simple and easy, after all majority of people think of memes as simple things. They are images that show up regularly on their social media sites and most of the time the response they elicit is laughter. Memes make people laugh and that is their purpose, so surely something with a simple purpose wouldn’t have a complicated nature? Well that’s where Limor Shifman would have to disagree with you. She offers a novel definition of memes:…

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  • In Arlie Russell Hochschild's From The Frying Pan Into The Fire

    A meme is, as Blackmore describes it, “[w]hen you imitate someone else, something is passed on. This ‘something’ can then be passed on again, and again, and so take on a life of its own. We might call this thing an idea, an instruction, a behavior, a piece of information … but if we are going to study it we shall need to give it a name. Fortunately, there is a name. It is the ‘meme’” (34). When capitalism is considered a meme, ideal and practice are separated because people are more focused in…

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  • Figurative Language In Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    “Richard Cory”, written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, portrays a man’s life story only through the effect of his personality upon those who admire him. The poem is separated into four stanzas, each unfolding a different aspect of the protagonist’s life represented by the townspeople. This poem is devoid of almost any literary elements and figurative language; however, the words themselves still have resonance. By formulating assumptions and opinions of how the other half lives, the “people on the…

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  • Literary Analysis: The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

    town as appearance-based, a place full of people who only care about a spotless reputation and how the rest of the world sees them. The first textual example is “a mean town, a hard, stingy town,” where the author is referring to the deeper description of Hadleyburg. The narrator uses this quote to explain how Hadleyburg may seem like an utterly perfect community with core values and strong morals, but underneath they only care about the way they look and how to keep a chaste name. The second…

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  • Negative Essay On Mudslinging

    Not a day goes by in this 2016 election year without hearing the engraving campaign words and phrases such as “Feel the Bern” and “Make America Great Again.” The television in every single living room across the country blares live debates while updating every single American citizen on the status of each candidate. Although there is a mute button for the television, unfortunately, there is no mute button for politics. Ever since the first televised presidential debate in 1960 between John F.…

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