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  • Homer, The Creator Of The Iliad, By Homer

    Homer was very important to our society because he was a philosopher. Homer was the creator of the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad was meant to be said, not read. It was written down in the 8th century, by Homer. It is an epic, long poem, made up of 24 chapters. It is based on the attack on Troy by the Mycenaean’s. The Iliad includes early Greek myths and legends. Some historians say that Homer may not have been the only one to write it. The Odyssey is an Ancient Greek epic poem also. It was an oral epic poem. The Odyssey is about Odysseus’s ten-year-long voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. His poems gave off a model of heroism, nobility, and the great life all The Greeks, especially aristocrats, had. The worst thing that can…

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  • Overcoming Strategies In The Odyssey By Homer

    Tricks and tactics are an aspect of life that is used by all people for their benefit. In The Odyssey (the epic poetry); the story of Odysseus returning to Ithaka from the Trojan War, several characters faced obstacles which that had to overcome using strategies. In the book The Odyssey by Homer the theme wisdom is shown by Penelope and Odysseus. In the book The Odyssey by Homer, and translated by Robert Fitzgerald there are several circumstances where Penelope faced problems, and she used…

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  • Homer And Aristophanes: A Comparative Analysis

    Homer and Aristophanes wrote centuries apart, and the time between the compositions of their works spans a large swath of time across the history of the Greek civilization. Through their works one can pick up on shifts in attitudes as time passed for the Greeks, especially the attitude of the Greeks towards their religion. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey feature so many instances of man interacting with the gods while the work in which Aristophanes pits man against the divine is his play The Birds. …

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  • The Iliad By Homer And The Trojan War

    The blind poet, Homer, brought about the worldwide known epic poems called The Iliad and The Odyssey in the 8th century; which narrates significant events of the Trojan War, Greek siege of the city Troy and its fall. These epics started a monomania for historians, archaeologists and others to contest and contend whether or not there was a historical Trojan War. There are many differing opinions on the subject matter, though it seems that the scenario of Homer's epic poem being loosely based on…

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  • The Illiad By Homer: The Divine Comedy

    Homer: The Illiad This book starts with the war already going on. The girl’s father is begging for his daughters return. But Agamemnon refused, so the guy prayed to his god. His god sent bad times for them. So Agamemnon sent his chick back and took Achilles girl. This made Achilles mad and made him want to go back home. In chapter 22 Achilles chase hector around and finally kills him and drags him around troy. Homer: The Odyssey This story starts about 10 years after the war and everyone is…

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  • Similarities Between Homer And Hesiod

    Odysseus offers his own kind of prayer, “… some way of gaining my revenge against him, / if Athena would grant me that glory” (33). Throughout Odysseus’s visit to the land of the Cyclopes, he consistently refers to the gods as either helping him or working against him (28-42), showcasing his dedication to involving the gods in all facets of his life. All three of these epics have prayer within their framework, and all three actually ask for something to be given to them or given to them in…

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  • Qualities Of Odysseus As A Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

    Man-eating monsters, a wicked witch goddess, and soul-stealing sirens, all three obstacles were overcome by the great Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer. His courage saved his men time and time again, proving he was a valiant hero. During his journey, he became a noble leader, full of determination to get home. Through the roughest of the rough and the toughest of the tough he’s displayed a near perfect quintessence of a storybook hero. Odysseus is a dedicated warrior with several qualities that…

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  • Responsibility Of Being A Hero In The Odyssey, By Homer

    In the movie “October Sky”, The main character Homer claims, “You know, it won’t fly unless somebody pushes the button, It’s yours if you want it.” In this quote Homer was talking about the rocket he was determined to set off to fly. During the whole movie Homer was encouraged to build a rocket and watch it fly; that was without the help of his dad. In the end Homer did make a rocket that could fly, and he also won the science fair he entered the rocket in. In the book “The Hunger Games,” the…

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  • Aristotle And Homer And Nicomachean Ethics And The Iliad

    Aristotle and Homer wrote some of the world 's most influential and famous pieces of literature, and both have had their works translated into many languages. Together, they created important parts of Greek history that are still used centuries later to teach the basis of humanity to people who choose to pick them up. Nicomachean Ethics and The Iliad, written by Aristotle and Homer respectively, both describe understandings of human courage. This paper argues that Homer and Aristotle had quite…

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  • Odyssey Essay: The Odyssey In The Odyssey By Homer

    Essay on The Odyssey by Homer This essay will examine one of the most famous pieces of literature in the world – the epic poem “Odyssey” by Homer. The main idea of the essay will be concentrated on the complicated and controversial nature of the main character of the book. On the one hand, Odysseus is courageous, smart, insistent and self-disciplined. These features help him to achieve victories over his enemies and avoid various troubles which can cost him his life. On the other hand, a reader…

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