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  • The Importance Of Literature In The Odyssey By Homer

    understanding of prior civilizations, and this is most certainly the case with The Odyssey by Homer. Through Odysseus’ endeavors, Homer gives insight on the Greek value of valor. Being a patriarchal society, men notably would strive to accommodate their actions as such: “Victory will only…

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  • Challenges In The Journey In 'The Odyssey' By Homer

    Many journeys can show how we humans go against challenges in our path to figure out who we are in the world to prosper. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, talks about different challenges that Odysseus and his men faced in their battle against the Trojans and how Odysseus, the epic hero, shows courage and strategies to fight against creatures with a help of a god.The nonfiction The Good Soldiers by David Finkel, where Cumming, an american soldier, has a problem of not knowing which…

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  • Homer: The Creator Of Greek Mythology

    Zachary Lovell Professor Baker English 2 Honors December 6, 2017 Homer The creator of Greek Mythology In Ancient Greece, many wonderfully talented and intelligent people have been created and shaped to become what they are known as now but, of all the people to come out of Greece, the most famous of all was Homer. Homer has an unknown history and little known early life which has had many historians scrambling to know. Homer however, has many great achievements that are noteworthy including…

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  • Treatment Of The Gods In Homer And Aristophanes

    Homer and Aristophanes wrote centuries apart, and the time between the compositions of their works spans a large swath of time across the history of the Greek civilization. Through their works one can pick up on shifts in attitudes as time passed for the Greeks, especially the attitude of the Greeks towards their religion. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey feature so many instances of man interacting with the gods while the work in which Aristophanes pits man against the divine is his play The Birds. …

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  • Character Analysis Of Homer And Zemeckis

    Compare how Homer and Zemeckis highlight the ways in which key characters survive through the challenges of their life. Entertaining survival genre texts like playwright Homer’s Greek mock-epic mythological poem, the Odyssey and director Robert Zemeckis’s American epic film, Cast Away portray the support mechanisms that even Herculean individuals rely on in every society. Noting that Homer starts the Odyssey in media res after his previous poem, the Iliad while Zemeckis starts from the…

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  • Overcoming Strategies In The Odyssey By Homer

    Tricks and tactics are an aspect of life that is used by all people for their benefit. In The Odyssey (the epic poetry); the story of Odysseus returning to Ithaka from the Trojan War, several characters faced obstacles which that had to overcome using strategies. In the book The Odyssey by Homer the theme wisdom is shown by Penelope and Odysseus. In the book The Odyssey by Homer, and translated by Robert Fitzgerald there are several circumstances where Penelope faced problems, and she used…

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  • Homer: The Illiad: Book Analysis

    Homer: The Illiad This book starts with the war already going on. The girl’s father is begging for his daughters return. But Agamemnon refused, so the guy prayed to his god. His god sent bad times for them. So Agamemnon sent his chick back and took Achilles girl. This made Achilles mad and made him want to go back home. In chapter 22 Achilles chase hector around and finally kills him and drags him around troy. Homer: The Odyssey This story starts about 10 years after the war and everyone is…

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  • Odysseus: A Powerful Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

    Man-eating monsters, a wicked witch goddess, and soul-stealing sirens, all three obstacles were overcome by the great Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer. His courage saved his men time and time again, proving he was a valiant hero. During his journey, he became a noble leader, full of determination to get home. Through the roughest of the rough and the toughest of the tough he’s displayed a near perfect quintessence of a storybook hero. Odysseus is a dedicated warrior with several qualities that…

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  • The Role Of War Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

    Whether in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, or modern day America, all warriors no matter the time or culture each face the same obstacle; transitioning from the exciting unexpected world of war to civilian life. There are three different stages which each soldier faces when reintegrating back into ordinary life; the impact phase, the immediate post-disaster phase, and finally, the recovery phase. Within The Odyssey, an epic poem written by Homer, is the tale of a war hero named Odysseus and his…

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  • Cunningness And Cuckingness In The Odyssey By Homer

    The Odyssey “I see destruction for ship and crew. Thought you survive alone(780/645-646).” This is one of the main plots in the Odyssey, by Homer. The Odyssey is about an epic hero named Odysseus, king of Ithaca, tries to get back home after the Trojan war, but it takes twenty years to get back to his palace because of Poseidon, the sea god. Poseidon is mad at Odysseus for not giving thanks for shutting up a suitor. In the story, Odysseus uses his cunningness, smartness, Intelligence…

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