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  • Analysis Of Personal Theology: A Garden Of Community By Lucy Atkinson Rose

    to find community once again. By inviting and incorporating the traditional listeners into the sermonic moment, I think that I might be able to encourage congregations to think of themselves as communities of Christian activists rather than audiences who sit on uncomfortable benches for an hour some weeks. In some ways, Moravians are still using the idea of a communal system of belief in traditions such as our love feast, communion, Holy Week readings, and the brass band Easter sunrise services. We tend to cling to this idea that Christians function better as communities similar to those found in Acts 4, and while Moravian ministers have generally free range to preach in accordance with our own styles, perspectives, and voices, our homiletics rarely reflect the community of believers that share their possessions and gather for meals more than once a month. In Moravian liturgies, we announce that we believe that God’s power will “hold together all space and time and substance,” but we often fail to perform, or even recognize, the work that we must do as congregations to help hold our own communities of service together. I am not proposing that somehow that church community should become the sole focus of every congregation member, but I do believe that congregations have allowed a level of complacency that regulates ‘church’ to a few hours on a single Sunday every other week (sometimes). The sermon, therefore, becomes a moment when ministers might be able to…

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  • Lestor Roloff Observation

    Introduction to Speaker Lestor Roloff is the video that I chose to watch for the first observation paper. This man Lestor Roloff is a very interesting character and the recording that was done from his church (assuming because of his confidence) seems to be in the early 90 's. The quality of the video was decent and the church was up with modern technology at the time based on the observation of the overhead that was being used. Mr. Roloff was a very well dress man who had a matching suit…

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  • Pastoral Preaching Experience Essay

    Part A 1. Before studying pastoral preaching I thought that pastoral care and preaching were mutually exclusive. I believed that pastoral care was concerned about meeting the needs of the people by shepherding them. This entailed visitations, be it at homes or hospitals, funerals, weddings, and doing things that are expected from a pastor. I believed the preaching was for the edification of the saints. The preaching is a herald of God’s word. The preacher spent a majority of his time in…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Fred B. Craddock's Overhearing The Gospel

    philosopher’s indirect discourse approach faced in communicating the gospel during his lifetime (Beddingfield, 1978). Craddock also seeks to take Kierkegaard’s indirect method and expand on it by struggling with the same observation Kierkegaard had on religious communication in general and homiletics in particular (Lorensen,…

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  • New Testament Greek In Ministry Summary

    In Using New Testament Greek in Ministry by David Alan Black, in Chapter two he recommends books useful for the study of New Testament Greek and he provides annotations for a list of books as a guide in understanding the books. For you to effectively pull out the contextual meaning of scripture, you must have the right resources. “What tools are to mechanics, books are to preachers; just as no mechanic can do an effective job without adequate tools to perform precision work, so no pastor can…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Goals Of A College Education

    This also supports my previous point on trying to make the information I’m learning relevant. Not everyone I know will actively seek a higher education. Some may think they cannot do it, some aren’t willing to find ways to finance it, and others just don’t see it as important. Due to these different reasons, I try to share information I learn with those whom I think will find it useful. For example, my old Homiletics teacher in New Zealand is constantly looking to revamp his courses. When I take…

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  • The Importance Of Homiletical Idea And Sermon

    Homiletical Idea and Sermon The definition of homiletics in reference to ministry is clearly defined as the “art of preparing sermons and preaching,” the gospel of Jesus Christ. The art of a sermon is showing or practicing a God given talent or gift before believers of God’s word. In the natural, homiletical idea can be viewed as method of brainstorming to convey God’s word to His people. Unfortunately, God is all spiritual, therefore, any method of preaching or teaching should be approached…

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  • What I Lived For Analysis

    the contempt he shows for anything that makes him realize his age, and points towards his own mortality. In his anecdote about watching his son swimming, he says “as he buckled the swollen belt, suddenly my groin felt the chill of death.” He realizes that he was once his son’s age, feeling and experiencing the same things his son experienced, and how quickly life moves along. White, in his essay, demonstrates just how quickly things change and you grow up and urges people to go back and enjoy…

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  • Beowulf Chapter 14 Analysis

    reader(s) to do?” This paper attempted to understand the authorial agenda of 1 Samuel 8–15. The method used analyzed the semantic structure of the text. This method seeks to understand the meaning beneath the surface of the text. Once the text was labeled, it was then arranged in according to semantic hierarchy. Prior to the analysis, historical and theological concepts were considered. These concepts provided insight into the referential world of the final author. In the end the method…

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  • Preaching Research Paper

    study, play, love, and humility) are all equally important for a pastor to give his best to his congregation and as a leader of the church and follower of Christ. From my perspective, time management is crucial for many pastors to be able to manage their overall ministries and prepare a good sermon. In conclusion, preaching is to speak the word of God in public, proclaim it, and witness it as a faithful follower of Christ. Ultimately, the preacher is God’s messenger who is to serve others and…

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