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  • Effects Of Animal Experimentation On Chimpanzees

    Bright, fluorescent lights shine down, irritating his eyes as a man in a long, white coat pokes needles into his arms. The air is stale and the smell of disinfectant is almost suffocating. His thick arms are restrained and his mouth can form no words, which is just how the man in the long, white coat wants it. Before long, he becomes vocal, screeching to make the pain come to a stop, and it does when he loses consciousness. As he comes to, his need of thirst becomes apparent and he bangs on the cold, metal bars that encompass him. It is no surprise when no one comes. He cannot stand and the bars are so close to him he can barely stretch out his body. Speaking of his body, he has cramps all over and his brain is pounding against his skull. The pain makes him screech in agony once more, but no one comes, and he’s used to it. He is used to no one coming to his aid, no one supplying him with food and water, no one caring about him. The men come and stare at him, they take his blood and poke painful needles into his skin, they make his body feel things it should never feel, and they do not ever feel anything for him for he means nothing to them. His face can only show so much emotion and he can only make so many sounds; he has no words, but he has feelings. He is a chimpanzee, but that does not stop him from feeling and expressing his emotions. Animal experimentation on chimpanzees is still very well practiced in the United States and Gabon. Due to the nature of the…

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  • Reaction Paper About Chimps

    Culture is a society’s shared and socially transmitted ideas and characteristics used to generate behavior and reflect behavior and other primates besides humans, like gorillas, chimps, and orangutans do, in fact, have culture. Chimps copy each other into adulthood developing cultural behaviors by imitating their peers and research on gorillas, chimps and orangutans have shown they use tools, communicate with each other and even mourn the deaths of each other. This research paper will explain…

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  • Chimpanzee Persuasive Essay

    The intelligent and aggressive species known as the chimpanzee is recognized as the most closely related animal to humans in the world. At one time it was believed that gorillas and chimps were the most closely related, until new technologies were developed resulting in the finding that humans share a massive 99% of our DNA with these creatures. Chimpanzees are classified in the genus known as Pan, along with the species bonono, but not with humans. Humans are classified in their own genus known…

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  • Analysis Of The Fossil Humankind And Other Anthropoid Primates Of China

    direct ancestors of hominids. A large number of specimens were unearthed in Lufeng Country, which were divided into Ramapithecus and Sivapithecus. Ramapithecus were considered more closer to be the ancestor of humans and the African great apes. All the specimens found in Lufeng were given a new name as Lufengpithecus lufengensis. On the basis of their characteristics, they were perceived as an anomalous branch in primate evolution, whose lineage were neither orangutans nor hominids. The scholars…

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