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  • Extinction In Animal Study

    The four groups of pigeons were then placed within the chamber once per day and were subjected to four different conditions each of which ran for 10 sessions for either 40 minutes or 60 reinforces, this was solely dependent on which came first. The first condition was fairly simple and aimed to train the pigeon to respond to key 1 using a schedule of Variable interval 30s. After 10 sessions the pigeons would be subjected to condition two were the pigeons would now be trained to respond to key to using the same Variable interval 30s second schedule; however, key 1 would now be put under extinction. Once this had been completed the birds would now be subjected to condition three, were the same Variable interval schedule would be placed on Key 3, but Key 2 and key 1 would undergo extinction. Once this was completed the birds would be subjected the final condition were all three keys would be placed under…

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  • Summary Of One Came Home By Amy Timberlake

    Georgie is a 13 year old girl from Placid, Wisconsin who works at her family’s general store. She lives with her her mom, her Grandfather Bolte, and her older sister named Agatha. She is great at shooting her single-shot rifle and loves to go hunting for pigeons. She loves her sister and wants her sister to stay in Placid her whole life so she can help run the general store. She is the main character and is also the narrator. Agatha is Georgie’s sister and she is a free spirit. She want’s to…

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  • Essay On Resurgence

    Introduction: We are running an experiment using pigeons that will teach us about resurgence after extinction. Previous studies, such as Leitenberg et. al (Leitenberg et. al, 1970), have shown that it is possible for a behaviour that has been previously extinguished to have a sudden resurgence and become prevalent again. Podlesnik et. al, (Podlesnik et. al, 2006) attempted to re-create this experiment, and found the same results, the rats relapsed and returned to their previously extinct…

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  • Oodgeroo Noonuccal Poem Analysis

    hostel; where individual identity is replaced with anonymity, he reflects on his struggles with cultural identity and belonging as he observes the division between his pre-war Polish heritage and his newfound foreign home. See, when directing you to lines 10-11 this sense of geographic belonging is well demonstrated through the use of simile. “Like a homing pigeon circling to get its bearings” by using this technique Skrzynecki effectively provides us with a visual image of a disorientated bird…

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  • Migrant Hostel Poem

    his “father” as “father” but not “dad “demonstrates his respects towards his father, however their relationship between father and son ebbs and flows out. Therefore Peter Skrzynecki successfully reveals our desire to belong to a community or to a group is a significant part of being human, as readers feels sympathetic toward the migrants because the readers learn about the disconnection with society despite the hardship faced. Skrzynecki emphasis the desire to belong to a community is shown…

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  • Resurgence Model Of Relapse

    There were four groups of pigeon (three in each) which were scheduled for three experimental chambers for over five days a week. The 4 groups of pigeons were scheduled for 3 experimental chambers and would last over 5 days a week; this was done by each group running for one session every day. There are four conditions in this experiment, where each condition will last for 10 sessions. The session durations lasts for a maximum of 40 mins or 60 reinforces depending on which ever happens first. …

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  • The Importance Of Associative Learning

    However, it could have something to do with homing just like in pigeons. Dogs just like these birds may have the ability to use navigational cues such as the position of the sun or the magnetic surface of Earth since it is known that many animals are able to do this. The ability to track scent also helps with this as well. Some suggest that PSI trailing, the ability to locate its owners who have moved to a new home, may be another factor as well. However, PSI dives into the physic or spiritual…

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  • A Utopia Society In 'Everywhere' By Geoff Ryman

    as the guardians of the animal kingdom. Another advancement in Ryman’s utopia is that of technology. Although some would seem to think that the technology in Ryman’s story is artificial intelligence I do not believe it is. The technology that exists within Ryman’s story is similar to what we have today except on a much grander scale. The narrator’s watch is an outlet for a computer network that has been programmed to calculate the probabilities and preferences of different common activities and…

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  • Migrant Chronicle By Peter Skrzynecki Analysis

    immigration experience is portrayed through one man’s perspective of an Australian hostel from 1949-51. Through this man’s eyes, the struggle of isolation and alienation is depicted and we gain a true insight into the life of immigrants. Simile “As it rose and fell like a finger/Pointed in reprimand or shame” represents the barrier that is secluding these people from society. Forceful language such as “reprimand” and “shame” convey the negative tone towards the migrants. Furthermore, this…

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  • John B Watson Summary

    Objectivism was widely accepted by biological and social scientist which caused the expression “behavioral science” to make an entrance in psychology.( Hilgard, Ernest R.) This particular expression was adopted for social science division. Established by the Ford Foundation, the Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford was intended to research psychological relationships. Studying was based on stimulus and response which impacted behaviorism and the way scientist…

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