Summary Of One Came Home By Amy Timberlake

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The book I chose to read for the second quarter is called “One Came Home”. This book was written by Amy Timberlake. I was excited to read this book because it is a mystery book and I love reading mysteries. This book is about a girl named Georgie Burkhardt whose sister recently ran away with a group of pigeoneers. A couple days later, her sister’s body is returned by the sheriff, but Georgie refuses to believe that she is dead. Georgie feels that it is her fault that her sister, Agatha, disappeared and she goes to find her with the help of Agatha’s secret lover, Billy McCabe. They experience counterfeiters, wild animals, and danger on their journey to bring Agatha back home.
“One Came Home” takes place in Placid, Wisconsin in 1871. Placid
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Georgie is a 13 year old girl from Placid, Wisconsin who works at her family’s general store. She lives with her her mom, her Grandfather Bolte, and her older sister named Agatha. She is great at shooting her single-shot rifle and loves to go hunting for pigeons. She loves her sister and wants her sister to stay in Placid her whole life so she can help run the general store. She is the main character and is also the narrator. Agatha is Georgie’s sister and she is a free spirit. She want’s to leave Placid to go follow the pigeons across the state and she refuses to settle down with Billy McCabe. Soon she is engaged to a man named Mr. Olmstead because she likes how many books he has in his library and he is rich. She is about 19 years old and after the pigeons pass through Placid, she goes with untrustworthy pigeoneers to follow them. “Ten days after telling the story of the white pigeons, my sister, Agatha, ran off. The date was Thursday, May 25. If the pigeons left with a great clapping sound, my sister slipped off with no sound at all.” (pg. 25) Billy is Agatha’s old boyfriend and they break up when Mr. Olmstead offers marriage to Agatha. Billy still loves Agatha and he makes that clear when she goes missing because he offers to go with Georgie to look for her. He is charming and is now engaged to a young woman named Polly. Billy sacrifices his life to find Agatha and to protect Georgie from the dangers of the

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