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  • Bodily Movement Analysis

    Bodily Movement: The movement within the service was smoothly done. I will acknowledge that there was a great deal happening during the service that required movement. The children’s dance set the tone for the movement to come. I did appreciate that the Rev. Kletzing entered via the center aisle rather from somewhere in the back of the church. The passing of the peace is always a nice opportunity for the people to greet one another. I am of two minds though, is it a nice break for the parishioners partially through the service or a distraction from the tone of worship? I think I would lean toward the former. The same could be said about having the announcements twenty-eight minutes into the service. I suppose I am particularly interested in this step as I am considering reordering the position of announcements in my own service. Rev. Kletzing preached primarily from the pulpit. I am a proponent of this as it enhances the authority of the words from the pastor. However, in the Lord’s Supper service he spent very little time in the pulpit and instead was among the people. I am a proponent of this as it enhances the community. Notice a dichotomy there? I believe it depends on the gathering and the occasion as to this particular topic of movement within the service. The most disjointed movement was that of the choir both entering the choir loft and even more so as they exited just prior to the sermon. I understand that this is created by the space constraints. The…

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  • Summary Of A Biblical Walk Through The Mass By Edward

    the Church itself and in fact was taken from the practice of the Jewish synagogue. It is interested to read about this new information. 4- Then, Edward talked about The Gospel. I believe in the Gospel, simply put, Gospel means good news, happy message. In the time of Christ and the Apostles, the Gospel is the good news of universal Redemption contained in the preaching of Christ. Also, the word (Injil) is used in my Holy Book the Quran, and early Muslim documents to refer specifically to the…

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  • Eucharist Outline

    gospels are insistent that Jesus’ meals constantly angered the religious leaders who were convinced he was eating with the wrong people . Meals were formally blessed in Jewish tradition, there are two ways to speak of this blessing. First was to recognise how God blesses people and things. Secondly is to bless God, meaning to praise or acknowledge God for what he has done. A genuine Eucharist celebration is around the communing of people. The coming together of men, women and children is done…

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  • Concepts Of Early Christianity

    "Since then it is granted to the Hebrews and to them that are called from the Gentiles to believe the teachers of truth, while it is left to the personal decision of each individual of whether he will perform good deeds, the reward rightly falls on those who do well." (Homilies of Clement) The passage from Homilies of Clement gives a clear knowledge that it is up to the individual to perform good deeds, but never goes on to state what would be considered a good deed according to early…

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  • Analysis Of Pope Francis's Letter 'Laudato Si'

    “Homily of His Holiness John Paul II.” Mass for the Rural Workers at Laguna Seca , Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 17 Sept. 1987, w2.vatican.va/content/john-paul-ii/en/homilies/1987/documents/hf_jp-ii_hom_19870917_messa-agricoltori.html. Date Accessed 8 Oct., 2017 . Father on Care for our Common Home , Vatican Press, 18 June 2013, w2.vatican.va/content/dam/francesco/pdf/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_en Ciclica-laudato-si_en.pdf. Date Accessed 8 Oct., 2017. Rabiipour, Laura Jean,…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of The Third Ecumenical Council

    features depict her as having a high honor bestowed upon her. Next scene was the Annunciation to Joseph, the Adoration of the Magi, and the Massacre of the Innocents. The next mosaic represents Jesus’ presentation in the Temple, the flight into Egypt, and their encounter with the Holy Family and Aphrodisius, governor of Sotine. The last scene represents the Magi before Herod. Below the arch are two cities, Bethlehem and Jerusalem (Basilica, 2006). Although the main concern in the arch…

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  • Narrative Essay About My Greatest Love

    in. He told me that being a church server is not just about being physically in the church doing the things that are assigned to you. Being a genuine server is valuing what God has given you and serving Him regardless of the fact that you are not in church. However, that is not the highlight of my journey. It was what the supervisor asked me to do. Besides the church service that I had to do, the supervisor asked me to attend the 7am mass. I always go to the church with my family. But instead of…

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  • Lack Of Education In Poland

    mentioned before the lack of education can also be seen in different areas such as economics and knowledge about the world. The lack of good average education level creates a society which struggles with the crucial skill in todays’ world, critical thinking. This creates a population easy to manipulate and allows officials to benefit from their lack of understanding. The polish educational system does not encourage students to critical thinking. When students question the teacher’s word many…

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  • Onomatopoeia In Beowulf

    creates the image of a battle for the audience, and helps set the tone for the scene. The tone shifts to a melancholic tone as the “fabulous powers” of the great sword fail Beowulf in his time of need, and allowed his opponent to live. The use of a metaphor comparing the melting of the sword to gory icicles creates a unique image in the reader’s mine. It effectively allows the reader to picture the sword melting like icicles. Furthermore, the writer uses a simile to compare the sword melting…

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  • Ritual Observation

    about the Christian faith so that Non-Christians could understand it. He then went on to discuss the bread and wine that takes place during a Catholic mass. He stated that “we change into the bread and wine once we eat it” and that the “bread and wine are the body and blood of Jesus”. Keep this last sentence in mind for later on in our Catholic journey together. Father Engram also discussed how everything is a gift from God and the gift of God himself to us is through his teachings, body…

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