Summary Of A Biblical Walk Through The Mass By Edward

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1- In A biblical Walk Through The Mass, Edward mentioned the inclusion of the Old Testament reading. I found that interesting to read about it and to know exactly what is mean. So, as I read I think the Old Testament is primarily a witness of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who was known to the ancients as Jehovah. According to my religion, Islam teaches us that God revealed eternal truth to prophets prior to Muhammad, including the prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Islam also recognizes the legitimacy of the sacred scriptures written by these prophets, which is mean I believe in the Old and new Testament reading.
2- Also, In the Mass, Edward talked about Thanksgiving which is 'gratitude to God for his goodness and his acts in history '. I totally
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I agree with what he write about the Creed, which is ' a summary statement of the faith used in the early Church as a rule or standard for Christian belief ' (71). So, the Creed is a summary of the Christian faith and expresses the central truths that the members of the Catholic Church believe.
7- Edward mentioned the cosmic battle, as I know according to my religion, the cosmic battle between Good and Evil, light and dark. the Cosmic Battle may sometimes be depicted occurring literally on a scale that encompasses the entire Universe or all of creation. I believe that would be the case with certain Creation Myths which often talk about the Universe or World coming into being after a titanic struggle between two opposing god like characters, one representing the good and the other representing perhaps chaos or evil.
8- Also, he talked about important point which is when we say 'we believe in one God ' he said that we are expressing something personal, more than affirming that God exists. I agree with this point because sometimes we just saying that we have belief in our mind, not to apply this to our life, sometimes I forgot to think of God and asking Him for help or thank Him for His grace. With our stress in this life, we forgot to going to our God and pray for Him, so we have to do something, like prayers and sacraments, that remembered us of the exist of
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I found that In the Prayer of the Faithful the assembly is invited to pray for the concerns of Church and the world. The pattern for use at Mass reminds us that the local Church gathered in prayer united with universal Church. I have the similar to this prayer in my religion Islam, that we call it 'The Friday Prayer '. Friday is called Yawm al-Jumu 'ah in Arabic, meaning the Day of Assembly. Muslims gather for congregational worship during the Friday midday prayer. Jum’ah is not a “sabbath” on which no work is done; rather, Muslims take just enough time off from work or school to attend a service at a neighborhood

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