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  • Infant Baptism Research Paper

    blogs, none of which were assigned. I enjoyed this topic, and it gave me much to consider. That’s all good and well until I am reminded I do not have the luxury of time between family and work and school. The good news: I am taking a course in historical theology later this semester. I will get my fill soon enough. And secondly, I purchased this lovely daily devotional, “The One Year Book of Christian History” by Mike and Sharon Rusten to manage myself down to bite-sized, daily chunks of church history. This book will help me incorporate church history into my daily devotional reading time. When I consider historical theology and its impact on my church, Flatirons Community Church (FCC) in Lafayette,…

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  • The Role Of Women In The Gospel Of Matthew

    also stresses her function as the guardian of his movement. However, whilst addressing a crowd, Jesus questions who his mother and brothers are, declaring that all of his disciples hold the same titles as well. Although this can be seen as a form of belittlement towards his maternal family who are also present, it in fact implies the opposite. Throughout the Gospel, Jesus consistently remarks on his followers as the “children of the kingdom” that is heaven (13:38). His deliberate use of family…

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  • Homoeroticism Analysis

    Jewish people it could be presumed that he did not approve of homosexual acts. However it is important to keep in mind that while homoeroticism may not have been approved of in the early Christian church, there were probably other sources from which they gained this sense of disapproval, and it was not from Romans 1:26-27. Despite Paul’s advocating for celibacy and belief that it was the purest way to connect to Christ, it is important to note Christianity’s station as a new movement, which…

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  • Perpetua The Spread Of Christianity Analysis

    So for Perpetua’s father he might think that she is joining the Christian faith because in Christianity the women have more power over what they believe, then they do when they are staying at home. In the Christian faith women are allowed to take control of the household and are recognized for being leaders, and that isn’t so much the case in the traditional faith that Perpetua had grown up with (Women in Ancient Christianity). So in the case of Perpetua and her father, he would have seen her…

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  • An Analysis Of Raging With Compassion

    However. The corporate church and the small groups can benefit from the examples, stories, theological definitions and the practices of Swinton’s practical theodicy in order to fully reclaim the practice of lament. Swinton explains, “that small groups take us back to the community of the early church where small groups of people met, often in the midst of extreme tribulation, to share fellowship, joy, pain, and hope, and look forward to the time when evil would be no more” (124). He explains, as…

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  • Origen Of Alexandria Scripture Analysis

    The Patristic Era was a time of great growth in the early Christian movement. Experiencing period waves of persecution, the early Christians were not deterred from spreading the good news of the gospel message. Patristic theologians such as Origen of Alexandria would leave a lasting impact on the church as it continued to develop theological dogmas and methods of the interpretation of Scripture. The method of Scriptural interpretation introduced by Origen addressed the questions and heresies of…

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  • St. Augustine Analysis

    It is believed by many that, “whoever does not love, does not know God, because God is love” (1 John 4:8). This essay will explore the writings of each theologian and their ideas and thoughts on baptism, predestination, free will, salvation and how it intertwines with the love and knowledge of God. One could sit and ponder how this short, yet specific verse could hold so much truth. Many theologians such as Origen of Alexandria, Gregory of Nyssa, St. Augustine, St. Prosper of Aquitaine and…

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  • How To Think Theologically Essay

    Christian faith, then we are practicing theology. It takes the time to perfect, but the work of theology is about a matter of personalizing conversational thinking. In Howard and James words, the key purpose is to allow ourselves to understand what we believe about the Christian message. They point out major theological topics, sources, embedded faith convictions, and real life studies. The main idea of this book is to develop our own theological roots of the Bible. The start of How to…

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  • Tradition In The Catholic Church

    society has traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Even within the church, there are traditions that have been passed down through the centuries. However, the big question becomes: What role does tradition play within theology? The Catholic Church has equated tradition’s authority with Scripture; and great thinkers like John Meyendorff and Don Thorsen affirm tradition, yet lessen its authority to fall under Scripture. Specifically, Meyendorff proposes a living tradition…

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  • Reflection Of A Family Ministry

    should be a repetition of creating more disciples and so forth. The question of are we doing things that we are called to do is brought up and it was especially concerned with us as people and not as the church building. With the advancement of women in the workforce and absentee fathers the church was needed more than ever for the development of families. Agencies and non-for-profits were created to support the youth because the adults were the sole focus of the church on at that time. The…

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