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  • Tradition In The Catholic Church

    Tradition is woven into the very fabric of humanity. Every family, nation and society has traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Even within the church, there are traditions that have been passed down through the centuries. However, the big question becomes: What role does tradition play within theology? The Catholic Church has equated tradition’s authority with Scripture; and great thinkers like John Meyendorff and Don Thorsen affirm tradition, yet lessen its authority…

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  • Reflection Of A Family Ministry

    as the church building. With the advancement of women in the workforce and absentee fathers the church was needed more than ever for the development of families. Agencies and non-for-profits were created to support the youth because the adults were the sole focus of the church on at that time. The concept of children’s church was introduced and a major conflict of it was that parents believed that the responsibility of spiritual growth was now the church’s task. Also, there were church…

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  • Discipleship Ministry Essay

    that. During the early 1900s, the founding fathers of the Met experienced financial difficulties. These struggles helped orchestrate a new vision and inspired them to create an innovative PATH (prayer, attendance, tithes and offerings, and hospitable invitation), which continues today with nearly 1,100 members. The Metropolitan Baptist Church was established in 1917 by Rev. J.F. Kirsh in a small, North Tulsa house. In 1919, under Rev. J.W. Bryant, the church moved to a converted apartment…

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  • Karen Moore Research Paper

    strongest inspirational Christian Woman in my life. Karen has also shaped my view of Christianity and how to see the best in everyone, especially if they are unfortunate and struggling in their lives. Her inspiration is Denise Diment, a past member of the church who previously undertook her role. As well, Denise helped Karen through many tough challenges in her life and was her key role-model and mentor whose support she has cherished. This has helped Karen shape her views on Christianity and…

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  • 1 Enoch Analysis

    is in close parallel to 1 Enoch 2-5 and 101. This would reflect either knowledge of 1 Enoch from a personal experience, or a Jewish instructional tradition that was inspired by 1 Enoch. Either way, this proves the function of 1 Enoch in the early church as much more than just reading material. Irenaeus provides the example of the bishop of Hierapolis, Papias. Papias attributed to Jesus of Nazareth a saying about the fecundity of the earth that was originally derived from 1 Enoch 10:19.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Summer Missionaries

    at inspiring, because I could smile and follow directions. I think each summer I picked up another skill off the what social management looks like. I began to be more confident in myself and my team. I began to find out more information about each church to know how to make the situation better. I learned that forming a relationship first and then trying to change was much better approach to being a catalyst for change. This past summer, one church’s Bible school was very disorganized and the…

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  • Goolsby Chapel Research Paper

    The Goolsby Chapel is located in Denton, TX at the University of North Texas. The chapel is a generous gift of UNT alum Tony Goolsby. The chapel is a non-denominational place of worship, reflection and peace that is open to everyone without exception. The chapel was dedicated in September of 2001. It is not as prestigious as the Chartres Cathedral, but it definitely exhibits the ideas and beliefs of Modern Americans.The chapel was planned to accommodate as many as 142 people. To begin…

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  • Theo 60250: Martyrdom Analysis

    Michele Gelaude Friday, June 26, 2015 THEO 60250: Intro to Early Church Themes within the Martyrdom of Saint Polycarp Martyrdom, having its prominence during the third and fourth centuries, lasted for approximately 300 years under many different rulers. Emperors were intolerant toward Christianity and responded by putting Christians on trial, asking them to deny their faith or lose their life. The Christian martyrs who clung to their Christian faith showed the Spirit at work with…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ethnographic Trip To A Non-Denomination

    Christian Church. They hold services every weekend so I specifically chose Sunday night to hear their message. I chose this church because I have a grandmother who attends here and I felt comfortable to have someone I knew guide me. My initial thoughts prior to visiting this church was the same as the other churches I had visited before. I expected to walk in and sit down with no one really paying much attention to me. I was also prepared to be looked upon as less than the regular visiting…

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  • Sister Aloysius Character Analysis

    struggle for Sister Aloysius to prove—and for Sister James to believe—that Father Flynn molested Donald Muller serves as the central conflict. Father Flynn is progressive, hoping to reform the church which causes the more conservative Sister Aloysius to appear intolerant and suspicious of him simply for his radical ideas. This conflict addresses other concerns beyond abuse, such as that of the subjugation of gender in the Catholic church, which affects Sister Aloysius’s pursuit of justice and…

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