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  • Creative Writing: Dear Y Camp Family

    Dear Y Camp family, One of the greatest feelings in life is when you’re laying in the cool grass looking up at a crystal clear sky with a million stars. Lighting bugs make the darkness sparkle and move. The night air unsullied and fresh, frogs croak, barn owls call back and forth to each other, and cicadas sing in the blackness. The moon casts shadows from the colossal hundred year old surrounding oak trees, your belly is filled with M&M’s and campfire cooked s 'mores. You can feel a sense of belonging in the mid summer air. Your closest friends surrounding you, and within the comfortable silence not a word is spoken but there is so much noise. The noise of the river 10 feet away, the warm breeze running through the trees and underbrush,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cicadas

    Cicadas Camp Cornhusker, ‘the happiest place on earth’ as many people call it, including myself. There is so much to see and do, hiking in the thick bristled woods to hear the water crash at Angel's or Devil’s falls, to canoe at Lake Abel where the breeze gives a sense of freedom, and to be around a crazy group of staff members. As staff members, we do a lot of crazy things, for starters we work at a boy scout camp. But whether it’s staying up late to hug a windmill off of camp property of even…

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  • Life Is Worthwhile

    Zhuangzi gives an example of this when discussing the advanced fishing skills of a Hunchback. In the anecdote, Confucius embarks upon a journey when he encounters the Hunchback, who is able to catch cicada with an elegant ease. Amazed at what he sees, Confucius asks the Hunchback how he is able to do such a task so profoundly and skillfully. The Hunchback replies, stating that it took months of diligent training; however, “No matter how huge heaven and earth, or how numerous the ten thousand…

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  • Christopher Nolan's The Logic To The Mythical World

    tell slightly different stories, yet revolve around the same idea- be careful what you wish for. With the story of their love comes the story of fate, “Tithonus himself had a strange fate” (Hamilton 427). This myth would go on to explain how cicadas were made in a tragic love story. Aurora and Tithonus were in love, and, as all people in love, they wanted to be together forever. Aurora was the Goddess of Dawn, and with her title came power. With her power, she asked Zeus to turn Tithonus…

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  • Mythbuster Experiment

    They first took off its head and placed the pressure pad their and set up for the experiment with a fly. They constructed just a simple but sturdy board and hooked a single uncooked spaghetti noodle and glued the fly to it. Then Tory jumped on his bike and got in position. In order for this to work they wanted the bike to be at eighty five mph. He hit that and the pressure pad recorded to Grants computer and he got that fly at ten pounds of pressure. Next they used a Cicada with the same set…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prime Numbers

    13 and 17 are both prime numbers. Mathematicians believe that their prime-number lifespan is not a coincidence, but has evolved as an effort to avoid predators. By emerging every 13 or 17 years, cicadas minimize the chance that their lifespans will be multiples of life-cycles of birds and other creatures that prey on them! Many artists and writers have been inspired by prime numbers. The French composer Olivier Messiaen used prime numbers to create music! He used short themes with lengths given…

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  • Analysis Of Like Father Like Son By Kore Eda

    In the beginning, Ryota is very cockiness and he even wants to raise both boys. Nevertheless, after exchanging Keita, he feels frustrated when he gets along with Ryusei. And he was shocked when he saw the nurse’s stepson came out to protect her, His own concept of education under suspicion and he gradually changes his way to get along with children. What 's more, when a insect lovers tells him that it takes 15 years to let cicada from laying eggs to break to adults, he realized that the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Cabin

    There’s a little slice of Heaven in Marshall, Texas, where the sun shines through the pines and the sound of cicadas serenade you throughout your afternoon and the lake shines like a plate of polished silver in the early morning sun. When I first came to Camp Fern, I was on my own. Everyone else had known each other for at least two years, so I was the odd one out. In my cabin there was the usual sort. There was the popular one, the attention seeker, the joker, and the one you love to hate.…

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  • Elements In Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine

    don't have to manufacture it. Grandpa tells us that the little things in life should make you happy. There are many more examples like these that all give the same basic idea, "Live happily in the here and now." I believe that a combination of the former and latter serve as the theme, "You are alive, so live your life happily now, and you can die without regret." Therefore, I believe the theme of Dandelion Wine is combination of all the smaller themes. Bradbury maintains a very unique style…

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  • The Boardwalk Muse: A Short Story

    Marry me?" John finally let out after a long cone of silence, filled with the symphony of crickets, frogs, and cicadas, "I 'm finally eighteen and I 'm ready to get out of here. I have a little money saved up and a map to anywhere you want to go. I just want to be with you. I 'm tired of sneaking out here to see you. I want you to be mine and only mine. I love you, Jen, and I can 't stand another day without you. I 've been thinking about this ever since we found this place way back when. Let 's…

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