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  • Why Is Church History Important?

    handle the issue of sin simultaneously. Men and women who struggle with sin are not welcomed in our buildings because their sin looks different than ours. How or will we ever be able to overcome this without compromising our beliefs? After reading Noll’s book, The Work We Have To Do, we can see that our Church needs more heroes of the faith such as Daniel Payne. Payne lived through a time where the Church was attempting to overcome the sin of racism. Just after the Civil War had been fought, Payne began to help open churches for the AME. He preached a strong message of inclusiveness, and he preached even stronger against those who were not allowing people in. He said, “I believe that the pastor who could turn away from God’s sanctuary any human being on account of color was not fit to have charge of a gang of dogs (Noll 77).” If more churches loved inclusively like we are called to do, I believe more lives would be freed from the bondage of sin, and thus, causing our churches to…

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  • Ministry: The Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry

    Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry Church Revitalization Church Revitalization is the process of renewing the passion and desire of a stagnate or declining church to grow. True revitalization can only be achieved through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is best to make modifications and/or changes that are led by the Lord. Revitalization can be achieved by introducing a sense of urgency to a congregation. It should be noted that revitalization is a process not a program; therefore…

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  • The Hidden Lives Of Manuscriptss By Ronald W. Galinels

    Though family for one church might hold a different perspective in comparison to another church, at the same time, Galindo mentions that churches like to pay attention to what the culture around them, in other churches is. (16) This is to encourage a feeling that is deprived of any threat. I am reminded of my Field Site, the Evanston Vineyard Church which is a non-denominational church. This church focuses on hospitality, welcome, pastoral care, hospital visits, small groups, prayer teams,…

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  • Symbolism In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    In chapter 18 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor the main idea is how drowning is symbolic of baptism. In Morrison’s Song of Solomon, Milkman gets wet three times, an allusion to the form of Christian baptism in which the person is submerged three times in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. But it is not always baptism, it can mean something different like in Africa, drowning is associated with the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage is the mysterious, treacherous, and a…

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  • Ragamuffin Gospel Reflection

    Children in the bible times and even still today is some parts of the world are considered of no importance, expendable, in the way, not of any notice (Manning, 2002). But Christ noticed them just as he searches out each and every person. We each have to have a childlike faith and acceptance, trusting in the fact that we can do nothing to be good enough but that Jesus already did it all for us. Just as the little children of Christ’s day were not thought of as important, we must realize that…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Religion

    At the end of the “Religion and Social Media” documentary there is a message that states, “Whatever the impact, there is no going back.” (“Religion and Social Media”). Although this is a true statement, there is plenty of proof that the impact of television on religion is going to be more beneficial then harmful. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has three main channels that consist of: BYU TV, BYU International, and the Mormon Channel. Statistics show that by making General…

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  • Praxis Of Worship Essay

    reform. But the impetus for social change now dwells outside the Church. The Church - the radix of human existence - is the first representation of God 's creative act in Jesus Christ. Therefore, Christian worship represents the first social reform. Divine worship prepares individuals and communities for social action. But if the praxis of worship contains cultural bias, ignores the disenfranchised, marginalizes children, shuns contemporary musicians, or denies female pastors, how then can…

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  • Resident Aliens Book Review

    aliens, meaning that we do not belong to this world but instead belong to heaven. This statement is not only used in the text to show how we should be different from worldly people, but is used to show that Christians have a great connection through the loving father. The first argument that the two authors present is the argument of the church being a colony rather than a social club. The authors start by explaining how today’s church is different than the churches in what they call…

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  • Julius Caesar And Grace Analysis

    given to someone that knows Christ. For grace means pleasure, delight, sweetness, favor that which affords joy and the merciful kindness from Christ. This grace the belongs to Christ…

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  • Dr. Coleman Chapter Summary

    the tools to continue on after he was to leave and rejoined the father. This book review will critique the work of Dr. Coleman. Summary The book outline eight ideas that Dr. Coleman deems important as it relates to the ministry of Jesus Christ. These ideas are arranged into chapters. Chapter one or the first idea centered on how Jesus chose the twelve. It is worth noting that Jesus didn’t take into account how these men would fit the surrounding culture, he chose them because he knew that…

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