Ministry: The Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry

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Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry

Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization is the process of renewing the passion and desire of a stagnate or declining church to grow. True revitalization can only be achieved through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is best to make modifications and/or changes that are led by the Lord. Revitalization can be achieved by introducing a sense of urgency to a congregation. It should be noted that revitalization is a process not a program; therefore it must be done with long-term commitment.

When accepting a pastorate, one will most likely be entering into a church that is plateaued or in decline. The pastor, knowing that change must occur, should proceed with caution, understanding that people
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It is a corporate event, whereby a local congregation unites to praise the Lord through songs of praise and worship. Singing the songs or worship and praise is a corporate event, therefore the worship leader encourages congregants to participate is all aspects of the service. There should be a flow of God’s immanence to transcendence. Proclamation of the Word of God should be the climax of the service. The preaching of the Word of God should be expositional. A time of response and invitation should wrap-up worship.

There are special ordinances that are to be occasionally observed. One is the ordinance of baptism. Baptism illustrates how the good news of Jesus has affected a person. Before baptism all candidates should be counseled, making sure that they understand the gospel and baptism. The Lord’s Supper is another ordinance that should be observed occasionally. Its symbolism should be explained as it is offered only to regenerate believers. Baptism can be observed either at the beginning or end of worship, while the Lord’s Supper should be administered at the end.
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He should be open and able to share the gospel with those who come across his path everyday and in every context He should pray that the Lord will give him such opportunities.


The pastor is called to equipped the saint for ministry. Therefore he must make sure that he is developing mature Christian in his ministry. The primary means whereby this can take place is from the pulpit. Therefore it would be wise for the pastor to plan his preaching. Doing so will allow him to develop an objective and a plan for his preaching. It should be noted that all preaching should be expositional.

The pastor should prayerfully select a group of individuals that he will personally disciple. He should look for people who are faithful, meaning that they are committed to the church and consistent in their desire to be involved. The individuals should available, meaning that they are willing to carve out time to meet one-on-one with the pastor. Finally, they should be teachable, meaning that they have a desire to be challenged and to grow.

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