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  • Congregational Singing History

    Every weekend, thousands of people flood through the doors of local churches to gather as a body and worship together. Yet, as they walk into the church, say their hellos, settle into their seats and prepare to engage in praise and worship, do they ever really consider how the Church has come to where it is regarding congregational singing? When one considers what interesting facts our history might tell them about the journey to our present state of worship in congregational singing and to…

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  • Spiritual Autobiography Analysis

    Methodology A spiritual autobiography can be hard for a person to write, but can be a very therapeutic process that is used by professionals. The process to write a spiritual autobiography can be done in many different ways, which include the question and answer method, making a list of major events that have happened in a person’s life or starting with the desired result then working backwards (Randolph, 2016). For those in the older population the easiest methods are going to be the question…

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  • How Did Constantine Influence The Spread Of Christianity

    and the churches wouldn’t have to pay taxes. Even though there were things that helped/promoted Christianity there was still negative effects, such as hypocrisy and corruption. People were more so attracted to the Church because of the positions that Constantine made available to them, and the money. The church has grown and became a more profound public figure that had built more specialized place for people to worship, but it was different architecturally compared to the smaller churches.…

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  • Christianity: The Abrahamic Religion

    According to, Prior Peter, Holy cross Benedictine Monastery, Chicago says, “Music plays a enormous part in Christian churches because human voice singing says about the god we worship” (Peter). Music can change our emotion because humans lack the control of self-mood. Regardless, music can help us bring the greater mood. Essentially, singing is a way to worship Jesus vocally…

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  • Hope International Case Study

    is to empower students through quality higher education to serve the church and the community. This small university only has around 2,000 students spread around the world. Hope International University is associated with the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, which are non-denominational religious groups. The original campus was in Long Beach, but it was moved to Fullerton to meet the growing needs of the college. The university is divided into five Colleges. These include the Colleges…

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  • The Hoolw Men By T. S. Elliot: Poem Analysis

    This poem was written in the twentieth century when secularization and disregard to the doctrine were strong; the society was gradually becoming rebellious to the religion. Religious leaders were accused of preaching falsehood even in the dominant churches such as the Catholic. Due to the distance between the man and religion, the natural order seemed to be overturned. The scenes described in the poem look awkward as God calls Adam in an annoying manner as the serpent celebrates in paradise.…

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  • Candles In Judaism

    During the Baptismal ceremony, the priest would say, "You have been enlightened by Christ. Walk always as children of the light and keep the flame of faith alive in your hearts. When the Lord comes, may you go out to meet him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom" The flame, symbolizes faith similar to a wedding band, as it represents…

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  • Arguments Against Pauline Authorship

    for his church and for His world. He sought to relate God’s vision to practical demands of Christian living in a hostile society. Though Paul truly wanted to send this letter to the large network of local churches in Ephesus and the surrounding cities to affirm them in their new identity in Christ as a means of strengthening them in their ongoing struggle with the powers of darkness, to promote unity between Jews and Gentiles, and to stimulate the transformation of their lifestyles to a pure and…

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  • Christians And The Samaritans In Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

    his conversion by a mercy and Christ he didn’t believe in. This is demonstrated by the Duke, who says, “That thou shalt see the difference of our spirits, I pardon thee thy life before thou ask it” (4.1). In this the word difference is important to look at because the Duke is indicating to Shylock that there is a difference between the two. That difference is the principle of Christian mercy, which Shylock doesn’t really believe in because he doesn’t believe in a Christ or his attribute.…

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  • Lyrics To Martin Luther King's 'Loyal Serve Somebody'

    likely a wide difference of opinion on this issue—is your service to and through a local church. Not only am I of the belief that every follower of Christ should be an active member of a local assembly, but that they should also be giving regularly to that church—giving money, time, talents, skills, service, and attention. Many, but not all, churches seem to have about 10-15% of the congregants doing 90% of the work. This should never be the case. John Heywood was right when he wrote, “Many…

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