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  • Why I Want To Continue Education Essay

    As a child it was instilled in me by my parents that I would always have my education no matter what it took. It has been true to this day. I have been forever grateful for the opportunities that I have had as a child to young adult because of them. Although they have helped me tremendously, it would be nothing to them if I hadn’t put in the hard work and dedication that it takes in order to want to learn, excel and grow. I believe that I have done my job to show them why it is even worth it in…

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  • Childhood And Imagination In The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

    Age has always been an issue of mind over matter. Just as age is not limited by how one looks or feels, imagination does not either. It is often the case that age limits imagination, but that is not the true. No one can blame themselves for wanting that sense of creativity to live within for as long as possible, which is exactly how Alice felt throughout her journey. In The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll uses references to his own past, Alice’s change in size, and imagery to…

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  • Essay On What I Learned In English Class

    About six years ago, I moved to the United States together with my family. After having been here for one week, I started my ninth grade. I learned English in Vietnam for a couple years before moving. However, my skills weren’t good enough for me to understand and talk to my teachers and peers. I struggled for a long time to fit in. Everything to me was unfamiliar. Beside having a difficult time to understand the new language, I was also having a hard time to getting used to other aspects of the…

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  • Jesus's Journey

    It was night, when the disciples followed Jesus to Garden of Olives. They looked worried as they men stopped in the garden. Jesus left his disciples to go pray to his father (God). The disciples kept watch, while Jesus was talking with God. I saw Jesus start to shake and tremble, I wondered what was happening, it was as if someone was attacking him but know one was there. Soon he got up, while he got up, I saw a group of soldiers heading their way. Jesus and disciples came together, while the…

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  • Christian Science Research Paper

    “Set your affections on things above; love one another; commune at the table of our Lord in one spirit; worship in spirit and in truth; and if daily adoring, imploring, and living the divine Life, Truth, Love, thou shalt partake of the bread that cometh down from heaven, drink of the cup of salvation, and be baptized in Spirit,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy in 1898 (Christian Science Versus Pantheism). Mrs. Eddy (as she is colloquially referred to by her followers) was the woman who came to found the…

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  • Wilthia Spann Analysis

    2′ 3 1/2″ high. There isn’t any known record of the artist who actually built the sculpture, but it is known that they were a goldsmith. The piece can now be seen in Louvre Museum in France. The subject of the piece is the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ as a baby. During that 13th century, the Virgin Mary was favored to being the subject of many artworks. The piece represents the passion of love that Mary has for her son. It represents…

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  • Comparing Balzac And The Passion Of The Christ

    In 2004 Gibson released The Passion of the Christ. The movie was Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Jesus’s trial and crucifixion. The movie utilizes all four canonical gospel accounts of the Passion story, but also includes many details that are not written in any of the four gospels. For example, Satan…

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  • Passion Will Be My Paycheck Analysis

    Passion Will Be My Paycheck I could sense all 32 of their hearts beating. They were nervous, very nervous. They gathered their flags and headed to warm-up. They were awful quiet for a group of teenage girls, but rightly so, they were about to perform their first winter guard show. Myself and the other co-directors, gave instructions that they listened to very carefully. “Smile, chin up, and have fun.” The girls responded with multiple anxious questions. My words gave them short term comfort as…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Veresperbild And The Pieta

    The Vesperbild and the Pieta are funeral monument pieces conveying the emotions of pity, passion, and pain. Christ and the Virgin Mary effectively capture and translate those emotions from the artists’ imagination. Each sculpture successfully depicts the death of Christ, which Mary holds upon her lap in vein with high details as well. Most importantly, both sculptors found it fit to extend a particular style which they made their own when sculpting. Beyond the Vesperbild and the Pieta both…

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  • Characteristics Of Michelangelo Buonarroti

    presents the Virgin Mary holding the deceased body of Christ in her arms after he was put down from the cross, then later was placed inside the tomb. The most common form being sculptured at that time was the Pietas. Michelangelo’s version of Pietas is a lot less…

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