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  • The Next Christendom By Philip Jenkins

    TITLE The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins is a non-fiction work about the growth and changing of Christianity from a predominately Western religion to a religion that is becoming more concentrated in the South. In the opening portion of the first chapter, his goal is already made clear when Philip Jenkins states that, “the center of gravity in the Christian world has shifted inexorably away from Europe, Southward to Africa and Latin America, and Eastward, toward Asia,” (1). He goes on to emphasize that this shift will only continue in the coming years, as he expects and has backed his claims with research, the Westerner Christians have slowed their growth while the Southern Christians have been and will continue to grow in number. Interestedly,…

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  • Fourth Lateran Council Essay

    Lateran palace in Rome. Some of these clergy men were “coming from as far afield as the Latin empire of Constantinople and crusader-held territories in the Levant (MP p. 139)” due to the importance of the event. The council, or synod as it sometimes is referred, was executed as a means to strengthen the influence of Christendom and the Catholic faith as held by the medieval papacy. In order to accomplish this, ecclesiastical canon laws were created and later implemented. These canons provided…

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  • Disdain In Christianity

    As Christianity grew quickly over the Roman Empire, another position developed, that of preventiveness. The Jewish establishments of much Christian intuition and the assimilation of the Hebrew Bible into Christian Scripture made a worry that recently changed over Christians may be helpless to Jewish impact. These worries drove in two bearings. On the otherworldly plane, they prompted uplifted denigration of Judaism with an end goal to stress the refinements between Christian truth and Jewish…

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  • Impact Of Martin Luther On Christianity

    Church, Volume VII. Modern Christianity. The German Reformation, Philip Schaff, Publisher- Christian Classics Ethereal Library; 1.1 edition, June 11, 2009, pg. 191). As a result of the ubiquity and understanding of the bible by most individuals, Martin Luther has impacted Christianity allowing adherents to establish a more personal and deeper understanding in Christ. This positively affected Christianity as Christian adherents were not restricted to learn about Christ through the median of a…

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  • The Impact Of Charlemagne On Christianity In The Carolingian Period

    The Impact of Charlemagne on Christianity in the Carolingian Period The Carolingian period was forefronted by a great renaissance, which brought about much change in the medieval world. One of these changes was the major reshaping of Christianity. Religion played a big part in the lives of the medieval people, so it is only natural that many great leaders of the time played an important role in impacting Christianity. Three of these great leaders include Balthild, Saint Benedict, and…

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  • Influence Of The Roman Empire

    History holds the facts and secrets about how civilizations became and ended on the earth. Many civilizations grew to great power while others failed to make a lasting impact. While many civilizations have come to an end, there are few which still greatly influence modern way of life. The legacy of the Roman Empire shaped Europe and the world for centuries. Many aspects of Roman culture, architecture, and influence spread across the nations and continue to be evident in modern times. While the…

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  • Catholic Church Research Paper

    The Catholic Church has again been the centre of abuse claims from around the world. Are these isolated cases or is there a deeper problem within the church? 1 > The short answer is - Yes, there are deeper problems within the church regarding claims of sexual deviances. Reports have been around for a long while, even going back to Pope, John Paul II. News groups report credible evidence that the former Pope was aware that his Catholic Church comrades faced serious allegations that they had…

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  • How Did Justinian Influence Roman Law

    Sherman, Charles P. Roman Law in the Modern World, Volume 1. New Haven: New Haven Law Book Company, 1922. Print “Slavery is failure…which Justinian fully recognizes” (Sherman 132) “Justinian [Paved] the way” (Sherman 107) “History of Roman Law since Justinian” (Sherman 14) Flavius Anicus Justinian was one of the most famous emperors of all time, and ruled out of the great city of Constantinople. He was born in the small town of Illyria in 483, which is located in the Balkan peninsula.…

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  • Christendom Kierkegaard Analysis

    Kierkegaard indeed continues to reinforce the idea that the untruth is the way how the individual is lost in the crowd through the last reason of how the Christendom removes authenticity from Christianity. Basically, the Christendom is removing the truth from an individual from practicing Christianity because they are claiming the untruth. This restricts the individual from trying to obtain the truth individually. For example, the Christendom would tell individuals all they need to do in order…

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  • Catholic Church Education Essay

    Secondly, the Catholic Church investments assist the population to work, increase their income, and attend school to achieve a higher education degree. All the staffs who work in the church office are from the parish, and they can participate in the priestly life, along with their jobs. Moreover, it is important to highlight the role of the church mission in the educational field, where the most famous schools and universities belong to the Catholic Church throughout the globe. The church also…

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