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  • The Bible: A Historical Analysis

    They have established an abundance of churches around the globe and followers are devoted to spreading the word and faith in Jesus as the ticket to paradise with God. There are a few things that cannot go unrecognized about Christianity and its religion. For instance, how long it took to establish Christianity after Jesus death, the divide within the denominations and any other documented religions prior to the existence of Christianity. Even within Christianity, the divide leads to the judgment of the different denominations, religions and could question overall loyalty to the religion itself. If Christianity is considered to be so prominent, the Bible should not have missing books. The Bible should be supported with complete concrete verification and facts. This would then give Christianity the right to question another religions devotion to their…

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  • My Denomination Research Paper

    My Denomination is Christian reformed, were similar to many others but yet we differ in many ways as well.Our denomination formed on the basis that people wanted and realized they need a reform in the Church.(What is Reformed?) We were originally part of the Roman Catholic Church,what after the time of the great split,had an extremely corrupted clergy and weren 't quite focusing on Christ anymore. People spoke up against the Church, but the Church did not change its ways seeing as how most…

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  • Essay On Christian Doctrines

    Christian doctrines are revealed in the Bible, and are fundamental for faith and belief. Some doctrines are considered essential for Christianity because they pertain directly to the character of God, the path to salvation, and the Trinity. These doctrines are agreed upon by all Christian denominations, and are used to determine whether or not a church is a cult. However, some doctrines are not crucial for salvation or for describing God. These doctrines create controversy within the community…

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  • The Importance Of Self Care And Affirmation

    Introduction Self Care and affirmation is an area which is a large part of Gods plan for our lives it is not just spiritual but is a combination of both spiritual and physical disciplines such as reading the word, physical exercise and healthy eating just to name a few. Reading the Bible and other Christian literature helps Christians become their true selves through inner transformation (Shore 2013). A Christian without or devoid of the knowledge and understanding of just how God loves them is…

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  • A Life Changing Experience: A Personal Analysis

    College never seemed like a possibility for me. However, God recently orchestrated events in my life that have sparked a desire for knowledge and academic accomplishment. I began working at Valley Christian Elementary School in the fall of 2014. To work in a Christian environment has been a blessing and a life changing experience. I work side by side with educated Christian men and women who work tirelessly and faithfully to support the mission “In everything God is preeminent”. This dedication…

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  • Obesity And Obese Americans: A Case Study

    In fact, in the study Baptists are said to be the most obese out of every denomination. According to Ferraro, Baptists were the most obese denomination due to the “less healthy eating patterns in the South, home to many Baptists. In the study we controlled for residency and still Baptist women were more likely to be obese. This trend could be related to the strong emphasis for Baptists to avoid alcohol and tobacco, and, as a result, many of them indulge in overeating instead. More research is…

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  • Summary Of Diarmaid Macculloch, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years

    I. SUMMARY Reading Selection 1: Diarmaid MacCulloch, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years, 1-12 According to MacCulloch, Christian history is a story which was told and believed by Jesus’ disciples. He calls Christianity a “personality cult” in which he describes Jesus as a historical figure who was admired and present as God by the early believers. The Christian story is long enough with two millennia for historians to study, yet is a short story as Christianity is young when compared…

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  • Christian Feminist Book Report

    population identifies as some type of Christian and, while there is not a lot of accessible data to back up this claim, it is generally believed that women make up more than half of the practicing Christians. Despite the amount of women who make up the Christian tradition, there is much conflict seen in our modern day Christianity against women and especially against feminists. As they do in many places in our society, feminists have a bad reputation within the Christian communities. Feminist…

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  • Ball Of Clay Essay

    I used to be a ball of clay. I was twisted, sculpted, and made into what those around me wanted me to become. I was morphed into a doubter of faith and stretched into a wavering believer. I was convinced by non-believing teachers and badly chosen friends alike that the Christian religion was not worth my time, and I was not worth Jesus’. The most detrimental part of this was that I believed them. It was not until a conversation with my grandmother that I had heard the verse that changed it all,…

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  • Essay On European Age Of Exploration

    the world, it also provided many different discoveries and advancements with new religions besides christianity. Finally I would like to state that I ultimately believe The Age Of Exploration had a greater impact and influence on world history than the Protestant Reformation, I believe this because the age of exploration linked the world through trade, science, medicine, navigation, and customs to different regions around the world, it was a time of advancement and evolution in technology,…

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