The Importance Of Self Care In The Bible

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Self Care and affirmation is an area which is a large part of Gods plan for our lives it is not just spiritual but is a combination of both spiritual and physical disciplines such as reading the word, physical exercise and healthy eating just to name a few. Reading the Bible and other Christian literature helps Christians become their true selves through inner transformation (Shore 2013). A Christian without or devoid of the knowledge and understanding of just how God loves them is ill equipped to become their true selves and face life’s challenges with success. Without such knowledge and understanding it is not possible to be the encouragement and blessing that God has intended a Christian. Correct Self Care is not an act of narcissism
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Such an approach to Self Care means an individual Christian will be better at relating to fellow Christians and will be in a better position than before to relate to others whilst also building them up in their faith and even leading non believers to Christ. This approach will also help an individual Christian tackle the storms of life and overcome challenges with victory and …show more content…
Through the affirmation of Gods love a knowledge of our position in God becomes more real. The affirmation of Gods love allows to take the opportunities to make the right decisions, be truly humble, to rejoice with others and make others not ourselves the priority and allows us to invest in others thus making choices which although may be of individual benefit but also for the benefit of others in building.

Newfound information has proved that spirituality is just one part of Christianity and that the discipline of self –care and affirmation are a vital component of successful living and are in fact vital a vital support to Christian spirituality. Therefore

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