Essay On Christian Doctrines

Christian doctrines are revealed in the Bible, and are fundamental for faith and belief. Some doctrines are considered essential for Christianity because they pertain directly to the character of God, the path to salvation, and the Trinity. These doctrines are agreed upon by all Christian denominations, and are used to determine whether or not a church is a cult. However, some doctrines are not crucial for salvation or for describing God. These doctrines create controversy within the community of believers, and if the conflict is passionate enough, it can create new denominations of faith. New denominations grow in response to changes in culture. In today’s age, there are many denominations that hold an “old,” conservative side and a “new,” liberal side. This spectrum is beginning to widen, especially for the denomination I grew up in. I was raised in the Church of Christ, the CFC. The CFC is conservative denomination, and the doctrines it upholds reflects this. One doctrine is that of worship. The CFC promotes non-instrumental worship, as do many conservative denominations. Liberal denominations …show more content…
In order to consider yourself a Christian, to receive salvation, and to be accepted by the Body of Believers, you must uphold the sovereignty of the Trinity. The concept of God in Three Persons is clearly outlined in the Bible, and it is explained by Jesus Himself. The Trinity is an unchangeable aspect of God. It is part of God’s omniscience, it is the reason Jesus’ sacrifice resulted in our salvation, and it is the basis for the belief that God’s Spirit lives in us. Without the Trinity, there would be no Christianity; it is fundamental to our understanding of God. This is one doctrine that spells out the difference between orthodox churches and heretical churches. This doctrine is an extension of the Bible’s “litmus test” for denominations. Answering this question will reveal whether or not a church is a

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