Christian Reformed Church in North America

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Christian

    me down so that it would be obvious that He was the one who was building me back up. Little did I know that God can use anybody and everybody for his glory, no matter what their story is like. I grew up on a dairy farm outside of Chambers, Nebraska. Partially because I held the stigma of the over-achieving oldest child and partially because I attended an extremely small public school, I felt a personal pressure to excel in as many extra-curricular activities as possible. A traditionally rural and conservative atmosphere of 265 residents, I lived in a culture where everyone was expected to be a “Christian.” This meant that my parents expected me to attend church with them every Sunday as a natural part of our lives that we took for granted without questioning. This lifestyle conditioned me to a moralistic view of a Christian as somebody who merely prayed before eating, went to church, and was an overall “good” person. My Christianity may have started off…

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  • James F White Protestant Worship Summary

    who wrote notable books related to Christian worship such as Documents of Christian Worship, Introduction to Christian Worship and Protestant Worship: Traditions in Transition. This work is an analysis of Protestant worship where the author elucidates the main worship traditions of nine specific traditional segments of the church that shaped the history of Protestant worship in Europe and North America. These evangelical institutions are identified as Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist, Anglican,…

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  • Christianity In The 17th Century

    remained aloof from the world missionary zealotry throughout the 16th century. Within Lutheranism, the rejection of the targeted missions until well into the 17th century was theologically justified on the ground that the Great Commission (Mat. 28:19) only applied to the Apostles. Leslie Duntson says that the true spirit of Christian mission was born out of the revival of religion which toward…

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  • Religion In North America Essay

    Group Paper The Christian faith and its denominations in North America are similar in many ways and different in many as well. The four main traditions are: Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Orthodox. Of these four major traditions Catholic makes up the most at 50 percent while Protestant and Pentecostal are both 20 percent each and the last 10 percent being orthodox. These four big traditions of Christianity are all part of one family tree. Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism share…

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  • John Calvin And TULIP Theory

    Protestant theologian. He plays an important role in the Church History. It is him who made a powerful impact on the fundamental doctrines of Protestantism. He is not only a famous French religious reformer, but also the founder of Calvinism and the writer of a monumental book, Institutes of the Christian Religion. In my opinion, Calvinism and Institutes of the Christian Religion is John Calvin’s greatest achievement because they are systematic and methodical so that people can easily know and…

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  • Influence Of The Great Awakening And The Second Great Awakening

    The first Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening were a really important factor in the way it helped shaped christian thinking and ideas by the fierce movement It created. Each Awakening had leaders who were notable in history, with George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards being two of the most important and crucial names associated with the First Great Awakening and Nathaniel Taylor and Charles Finney in the Second Great Awakening. The religious excitement that was the Second Great…

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  • George Whitfield Ecclesiastical Authority

    To church historians, George Whitefield was known one of the 18th century’s most brilliant evangelical preachers. This popular Anglo-American revivalist was well-known for his mass appeal to the populace and was what today would be considered a celebrity He was “a preacher capable of commanding mass audiences (and offerings) across two continents, without any institutional support, through the sheer power of his personality.” George Whitfield was a new brand of preacher that arose from a time…

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  • Puritans Influence

    The Puritans were one of the first people to travel and move to America in 1650 (“People & Ideas: The Puritans”). The Puritans had a large influence in the making of America. At first, the Puritans were misconstrued as the Pilgrims known for beginning the holiday of Thanksgiving because similar to the Pilgrims, the Puritans were Protestants from England and Calvinists believed that the reforms and decisions of the Church of England did not do enough (“People & Ideas: The Puritans”). However,…

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  • The Importance Of The First Great Awakening By Jonathan Edwards

    The First Great Awakening was a series of religious turbulences throughout North America. The Great Awakening was a reaction to the diminishing of Calvinist beliefs in the colonies as the beliefs of Rationalism and Deism were on the rise. The First Great Awakening was mostly associated with the Protestant preacher Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards essentially believed that all humans were inherent sinners and that we are all sinners in the hands of an Angry God. Edwards preached highly…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Relationship Between Religion And Government

    Christians living in America today are often told about how depraved society can be, and how the world is falling apart. Some remain lukewarm and apathetic while others do their part to try and improve the world. Still others have become bitter towards secularism, believing that the problems in this country stem from a lack of institutional religiosity. Many of these people proclaim that America would be a better place if only schools led prayer and taught the creation story. Yet these people…

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