Christian soteriology

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  • The Wesley Understanding Of Human Salvation Analysis

    Wesley’s soteriology (Maddox 323). Wesley denied here that human salvation is only a future hope; Wesley was also denying that it is…

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  • Doctrine Of Justification

    For my final topic, I decided to utilize the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ. This doctrine is central to our Christian faith and shapes how we view our salvation in Christ. It is key that we have a good understanding of it because it can have an impact on how we view ourselves and how we view God. What is justification and how are we justified? Pastor R.C. Sproul speaks of this in a sermon on Martin Luther. He points out that our English word for justification comes from the Latin…

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  • Soteriology And Religion

    Soteriology is the area of theology concerning the process of salvation. Salvation, also called deliverance or redemption, is the saving of the soul from sin and its punishment, which is eternal damnation to Hell. Hell is the opposite of Heaven, and it is the place where a person is completely separated from God. Differing views on salvation are high on the list of primary beliefs dividing the various denominations, both among Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism and within…

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  • Soteriology In Worship

    throughout the service. To that end the following will examine the Sunday March 13th, 2016 worship service at Woodview Church of the Nazarene specifically looking at the doctrine of soteriology and its function throughout the service. Soteriology literally means the study of salvation. It is the study within theology concerned with the trinue God 's work of redeeming all of creation restoring relationship with God the Father, through the grace of Jesus Christ…

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  • Colossians 3: 1-15 Analysis

    “Sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) We still feel exactly what Paul writes in Colossians 3:8, “Anger, wrath, malice, slander.” (ESV Colossians 3:5) As Christian people, who intend to follow Christ, we sometimes do not really follow Christ. It is easy to say love your neighbor, meaning everyone. On the other hand, it is very hard to follow through with that. You really learn how much the Lord loves you when you try to love…

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  • C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity

    Lewis offers an insight into the Christian world that I, and many other teenagers and even adults, probably have never even thought about or considered. When first reading the book I was frustrated with C.S. Lewis. The way he explained things made me feel as if he was trying to reach out to me, and any other reader, as if we were completely clueless to Christianity. But, as I continued to read I realized that if he were not to write like that I still would be as confused about my faith as I was…

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  • What Is Sanctification?

    Sanctification: Finally, after working through the meat of the ordis salutis, I arrive at the heart of soteriology: sanctification, a union with Christ, and a covenantal partnership with God to be kingdom-bringers. Although sin nature still affects us as Calvin notes, the election and mercy of God, the imputation of Christ, and the impartation by the Holy Spirit lead me to a point in which I no longer am defined by my sin nature. Literally, my sin nature died when Christ died. When Jesus died…

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  • Reflection On Storied Leadership: Living And Leading From The Christian

    Learning to live a Christian life is one thing, but living out what we have learned is another story. As Christians, I think we have a greater responsibility because we know how the world should look, and we need to step up and lead the people around us. In order to share the gospel with others, we have to take a look at what God is calling us to do. Leading others consists of knowing what the Christian life looks like, sharing that with others, and staying faithful and truthful in what we say…

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  • Mask Reality In The Merchant Of Venice

    required skills for entrepreneurs. These are the key aspects of accomplishing the ulterior motives and goals that has been set. That is to say, no matter how unethical the situation is, the industry business will attempt to make us perceive their own beliefs. In the play, Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Shylock whom is a Venetian merchant made a deal with a Christian merchant named Antonio to fulfill the desires of his close friend “Bassanio”. Moreover, this Shakespearian play…

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  • Examples Of Romanticism In Fifty Shades Of Grey

    in its many forms in popular culture. Fifty Shades of Grey is a renowned trilogy among the younger generation that explores a peculiar relationship between Christian Grey, a sex crazed Multimillionaire and Anastasia Steele, an inexperienced English literature college graduate. The start of their relationship is questionable on many grounds; does she understand the risk of this potential liaison and how it could affect her emotionally, mentally, and physically? The same can be said for Tess…

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