Mask Reality In The Merchant Of Venice

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In the contemporary world that the society is living in today, deception and false appearance are required skills for entrepreneurs. These are the key aspects of accomplishing the ulterior motives and goals that has been set. That is to say, no matter how unethical the situation is, the industry business will attempt to make us perceive their own beliefs. In the play, Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Shylock whom is a Venetian merchant made a deal with a Christian merchant named Antonio to fulfill the desires of his close friend “Bassanio”. Moreover, this Shakespearian play discusses the melancholic relationship between a Christian and Jewish in Elizabethan era. In Merchant of Venice, Shylock represents a character who mask reality due to three critical reasons. …show more content…
Another cause would be that Shylock is a character who mask reality is due to his false sympathy shown when her daughter flee.
The first cause that Shylock is a character that mask reality is through deceiving Antonio and Bassanio by evoking a fake persona. Throughout the Shakespearian play, Shylock is a noteworthy character that
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These three reasons are that he evoke a fake persona to Bassanio and Antonio, he also was amiable with the Christians and lastly, he shown fake sympathy to her daughter. Although readers can agree that at some points, he was a villainous character and also a victim in racism back in the sixteenth centuries. In the end, he made his own circumstances by his continuous hatred and merciless. Shylock is stripped from his wealth and was also forced to convert to Christianity. However, it is debatable that he deserves the

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