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  • A Christian Worldview Essay

    A Christian liberal arts education does not have a textbook definition but is a solid foundation of teachings that are most essential towards a development of knowledge. This knowledge is then turned a personal worldview, which is comprised of previous teachings, experiences, and beliefs. In Heaven is a Place on Earth, Michael Wittmer states, “A worldview is a framework of fundamental concepts of beliefs about the world. In short, a worldview comprises the lens through which we see the world.” A Christian worldview is frequently present in all three of the texts. Throughout the texts this outlook is prevalent from examples of serving in troubled areas and giving forgiveness to those in need. The Christian worldview is a comprehensive conception…

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  • Critical Reflection: The Call To Be A Christian

    Critical Reflection 1 The call to be a Christian is unique to the individual who chooses to follow the word of the Lord and bring Christ into their life. For some, they could have grown up in a Christian household and took upon their parent’s beliefs; others may have not been looking for their faith in God, but rather stumbled upon it unknowingly. My path to Christ is unique because I was raised in a Catholic-household, meaning I went through my First Communion and Confirmation, but I still…

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  • Christian Therapy Experience

    fellowship with another Christian therapist was able. The person that I interview was able to work in both the Christian setting and the secular setting. She talked about how when doing Christian therapy, it is important to knot that it is a slippery slope. The therapist that I interview considers herself a Christian therapist when she worked in the church setting. On the other hand, when she worked in the secular setting she would not tell people that she was a Christian therapist. She also…

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  • A Christian School Analysis

    What makes a Christian school a Christian school? Bruce Heckman, in his article, “Schools as Communities of Grace” argues that “Christian schools should be known as communities of grace-places where visitors clearly see God at work in the way relationships are conducted.” If it is the case, what are the things that the Christian school should be doing to reflect that view? Many Christian schools today are not very different from public schools. Some of the problems found in Christian schools…

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  • Christian Worldview Benefits

    Christianly has been the majority religion around the world, and still keeps growing to this day. Not just in the United States do we have the Christian Worldview, all around Europe there are many Christians evolving. This will keep the Christian worldview growing stronger and lets more people explore the benefits to Christianity. One benefit that has been noticed by Scottish research, Alan MacWilliam is “Church is a good thing for a community, because it strengthens and cares for those within…

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  • Christian Persecution In Japan

    Christian Persecution in Tokugawa, Japan Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Japan, as a country in the Far East, has had a mixture of history, especially when it comes on the way it diplomatically interacts with the rest of the world. At some point it has been identified as a friend of the west, whereas at some other point it has presented herself as an enemy of the same. A good example of historical events, which present Japan as a controversial country in a global…

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  • Monachus: Christian Monasticism

    A monk (Latin monachus, meaning “someone who lives alone”) is a man who tries to live his life cut off from ordinary society in order to dedicate his life to the will of God. Monks and uns were a big portion of spreading Christianity throughout the Mediterranean world. They also set themselves as examples for the rest of the Christian society.monks and nuns created new ways to challenge themselves for the sake of their faith. All of the other Christians did not have solid practices of faith…

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  • Christian Discipleship Principles

    In the world we live in we can lose sight very easily of what is the most important, which is the spiritual disciplines the Lord has given us for victorious living in Christ. Pastor Jack Hayford invites us to rediscover the power and the blessing that come from such disciplines such as Committing to Hearing His Voice, Living in the Power of Baptism, Resources of the Lord’s Table, Spirit of Forgiveness, Feeding on God 's Word, Maintain Integrity of the Heart, Abiding in the Fullness of…

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  • Evil In Christian Anthropology

    lifetime, the average human could be said to ask existentialist questions regarding their own existence and purpose; these thoughts can naturally progress towards the questioning of life itself from the perspective of God. Why create several billions of people to live on an Earth that is filled with so much corruption, panic, and evil? Christian Anthropology can be thought of as a way to explain the human condition from a theological perspective. Although one does not need to be religious in…

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  • Christian Mission Purpose

    The Purpose, Plan, and Development of Missions. Why is so much time devoted to missions within the history of the Christian Church? From the days of Philip traveling to Samaria, to Augustin sailing for Britain, to Carey ministering in India the push for evangelism has dominated the Church and rightly so. The Christianity has grown to the largest religious group in the world since those 120 Spirit-filled believers at Pentecost. The driving principle behind this massive growth was not awesome…

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