Critical Reflection: The Call To Be A Christian

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Critical Reflection 1 The call to be a Christian is unique to the individual who chooses to follow the word of the Lord and bring Christ into their life. For some, they could have grown up in a Christian household and took upon their parent’s beliefs; others may have not been looking for their faith in God, but rather stumbled upon it unknowingly. My path to Christ is unique because I was raised in a Catholic-household, meaning I went through my First Communion and Confirmation, but I still never had the willingness to learn who Christ was, or why I was a Christian. My own personal struggle with my faith finally concluded when I came to APU. The feelings of skepticism and uneasiness about where I was with my faith really felt as though they …show more content…
In my perspective, growing up in public elementary, intermediate and high schools for example, the students who were “cool” didn’t go to church and would partake in things that were “un-Christ like.” Do I necessarily agree with that statement? No, but the mass majority of our school did. I believe this is why children who grow up in public schools have a harder time keeping or growing in their relationships with God. Personally out of all of my friends I was the only one going to mass on a regular basis. When I would say that I couldn’t attend something because of church, people would harass me in a way that I felt as though I didn’t want to be seen at church. Going through Confirmation helped me find a youth group that allowed me to open up about my faith and feel as though I were to spread the word of the Lord. As soon as I was confirmed, at my “spiritual high,” I fell into that spiritual low again. The struggle with my faith has definitely strengthened my relationship to God, as well as helping me let others know that everything is “OK” and there is a whole community waiting with open arms to help guide you on your path to be one with God. That really is the “true heart” of being a Christian: Be reluctant to spread the “love and trust” to a world that, today really only knows hatred and misconception. That is why Christians must be there for those who have the willingness to be a Christian, but don’t know how to get

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