A Christian School Analysis

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What makes a Christian school a Christian school? Bruce Heckman, in his article, “Schools as Communities of Grace” argues that “Christian schools should be known as communities of grace-places where visitors clearly see God at work in the way relationships are conducted.” If it is the case, what are the things that the Christian school should be doing to reflect that view? Many Christian schools today are not very different from public schools. Some of the problems found in Christian schools are the same ones in public schools such as competitiveness, bullying, favoritism, and individualism. I agree with Heckman’s argument that Christian schools should examine their practices and see if they are indeed a community of grace reflecting the …show more content…
Context is essential to understanding. Heckman says that “ The context of schooling is an important part of the content of schooling.” To truly understand and realize the mission of Christian education, we need to first think about the context of Christian education. Some argue that too many Christian education is fragmented or not fully integrated. If there is not enough of the context, it is harder to bring true meaning to what we teach and accomplish in Christian education. Why do we have a worldwide integrated curriculum? Character education? Chapel? These are all good and needed. However, practicing and integrating the grace in everything we do in Christian schools will give a true sense of community working toward the same goal of raising our children as ambassadors of Christ in the manner that reflect the character of God. The Christian school should be the community where God’s grace is integrated not only in how we teach, but in how we discipline, view our children, and relate to each other. Grace is an unmerited gift from God, and as a recipient of his grace, we should reflect his grace to others in the Christian school community. This is the context we should operate …show more content…
Heckman’s article describes what the Christian school as a community of grace should look like. It is the community where every member knows that he or she is a sinner forgiven only by the grace of God. Their hearts are filled with gratitude and are fixed on following Christ and carrying out the Great Commission. Adults in the community are living stones - role models exhibiting faith and grace – and living waters who draw their strength and wisdom from the living water, Jesus Christ. And whoever comes into the community will surely notice how inviting, accepting and loving everyone is in the community.
The Heckman's article made me think about what makes a Christian school a truly a Christian school. It is important to have the biblically integrated curriculum, Christian programs, and activities. But what is equally important is how we need to see the school as a community that provides the sense of belonging cares bout the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of students operated by

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