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  • Christian Influence On Byzantine Art

    The Byzantine art closely followed the Early Christian art, just as in the Early Christian art manuscript painting was an important art form, during Early Byzantine era. For example, figure 9-17 Crucifixion and resurrection, Rabbula Gospels, the manuscript showed Christ being risen from the tomb, while surrounded by mandorla. Although Mary was not mentioned in the gospels as being a witness of Christ ascension, she played an important role in the medieval art, both in the East and in the West. Another example of Christian influence on the Byzantine art are the mosaics. Similar to Christians they use the mosaics to depict elaborate figural scenes using bright colors. You can see this in figure 9-19 of the Byzantine art, the mosaics depicted a huge mosaic of Hagia Sophia showing the virgin and child enthroned (Gardner’s pg. 270). The Byzantine architecture was also very similar to the Christian’s architecture. They followed similar plan structure. The Byzantine art achieved the full expression of a mystical Christianity in terms of oriental lavishness. The Byzantine art form has abandoned the formal physical beauty admired by the Greeks for the Christian art, which appears to be formless, timeless conception of religious…

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  • Early Christian Art Essay

    It turned out that the Christian converts had wanted the same things as the Romans. Unfortunately because Christianity was part of a number of mystery cults, images of the Nativity, Crucifixion, and Resurrection were not found in the third century Christian works of art (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). The theme of death and resurrection were not directly shown in the works of art but they were represented through many images that had been derived from the Old Testament. Faith and…

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  • Figural Paintings In Christian Art

    Paintings have been used as a type of expression for many years now. Using figural, landscape, and mural styles as different styles of depiction. In the past and specifically during the 6th c. CE it was more common to paint on the behalf of a religion. Depending on the religion being painted came a different style of illustration. In Christian art it was very common to see figural paintings, and scenes involving people to establish a story. These story depictions usually came from or were…

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  • Christian Liberal Arts Education Research Paper

    faced with those elements. It also provides us with intellectual and practical skills like, communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. These are used in everyday life. Everyday at our jobs we need to communicate with our co-workers as well as analyze and problem-solve many situations or problems we are faced with. Liberal arts education also gives us a better view of the world around us as well as our specific area of interest. In society this type of education helps us to gain…

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  • Pagan Art In Christian Art

    Borrowing ideas from other sources can date back centuries, it can even be seen in art. Early Christianity had no idea on how to portray Jesus so having no clear image of what Jesus actually looked like lead them to rely on pagan art. Borrowing of pagan art can be seen when looking at a portrait of Jesus because their image of is based on the pagan gods Hermes and Apollo. There are two main reasons why Christians use pagan art to create their image of Jesus. The first one being that they wanted…

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  • Early Christian Art

    The Jewish and early Christin art brought about many changes then the past, when it comes to how we view art overall. This particular change has to do with the religious feature and focusing and telling the many stories about that certain person and there many journeys. The narrative urge to tell a good story and whose moral or theological implications often have instructional value. The desire to create iconic images which we will go into a couple and talk about their significance to the early…

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  • Mosaics In Christian Art

    continued in Christian buildings but with different subjects of depiction: "the old geometrical designs, interweaving patterns, animal figures and scenes from everyday life or mythology were replaced by symbolic representations of religious history..." (Palanque 49-49). An example of the transition from mythology towards biblical figures and scenes can be seen in the mausoleum of Saint Constanza. These mosaics contain representations of, Christ, the apostles, and animals "which symbolize the…

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  • How Did Byzantine Art Influence Early Christian Art

    Religion has been tied to art long before our society even had a word for it. Since ancient times art has been used to promote the ideas and beliefs of many different religions to the world. Pictures of half human half animal beings paint the walls of Paleolithic caves the Egyptians hieroglyphics and statues depict their gods and the Greeks built temples and reliefs to worship and tell the stories of their gods the medieval ages were no different. The middle ages brought the rise of the…

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  • Jeffery Davis's The Countercultural Quest Of Christian Liberal Arts?

    From the beginning of civilization, humanity has pondered the purpose of acquiring knowledge, the purpose of education. People throughout the ages have speculated a variety of purposes and motives and have therefore created different paths to approach education. One such path formed was the liberal arts education. In his chapter “The Countercultural Quest of Christian Liberal Arts,” author Jeffery Davis explains the purpose and motive of education behind this liberal arts path. He states, “The…

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  • Renaissance And Byzantine Art Essay

    Byzantine and the Renaissance are two major periods in the history of art. During this time different forms of art were influence by religion. During these eras, artist produce pieces of art that represented Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the Saints. These masterpieces reflected the ideas and artistic thoughts that were evolved during these time periods. This essay will compare and contrast two masterpieces (Virgin (Theotokos and Child between Saints Theodore and George and The Maestà, Museo…

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