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  • Christian Music Analysis

    As a Christian, I do not have a problem with Christmas. However, I do not see it as a means of celebrating the birth of Jesus. To me, it is another secular holiday. In my opinion, there is a reason that the Bible does not give any specific dates for events such as the birth of Jesus. A Christian does not need to take a special day to remember the birth of Jesus. His birth should be celebrated by remaining committed to Him and by doing the right thing towards others, every day. Robert Thompson makes a point in saying that “Regardless of nineteenth- and twentieth-century mass culture’s attempts to reinvent Christmas as a secularized, national season of consumption in which everyone in the melting pot can participate, Christmas does remain a…

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  • Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music Speak

    Hans Christian Andersen once said, "Where words fail, music speaks.” For a good portion of my adolescence, music was the language I used to express myself. From the time I started middle school, music sparked my interest quite instantly. I became involved in my school’s orchestra program at the beginning of my sixth grade year and from that point on, I was hooked. As time stands, I can full heartedly say that the decision to learn the violin was one decision that I will cherish for a lifetime.…

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  • Grieg Historie In Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music

    From the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks”. Music is a universal language shared between every human on Earth. Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a form of expressing a person’s feelings. Throughout the years, music has evolved and is still currently changing. However, the sound and structure are changed through big influences in the musical world. This is how music develops a new shape and sound. For the Romantic Era, one of these…

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  • Personal Narrative: Christian Music

    Music. The one thing that everyone,no matter the gender,culture, or colour, can connect to and understand. It is the one thing can can change an entire mood of a situation without saying a single word. In my family, my parents love christian music. If it has a christian meaning they can comprehend, they love it.They are moved by it, they cry, dance, and worship to it. To them it is the only type of music that matters. To them Christian music is a lifeline, they tug in times of crisis. My father…

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  • Music In Worship

    In Psalm 149:3, the psalmist writes, “Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and harp.” This scripture verse encapsulates the overall sentiments of music found in the church and worship throughout history. Music, to both the historical and modern day church, is a vehicle used in worship to praise God and deepen the worship experience through corporate worship. Because of this, music in worship is viewed as a precious experience, a spiritual endeavour, and an…

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  • Synthesis Essay: The Role Of Music In Worship Majors

    within every major strive to exemplify the lifestyle this verse describes, making their area of study their form of worship. However, one subculture specifically envelops a group of students whose academic focus dovetails with their faith in a unique way, allowing all of their efforts towards success in school to directly bring glory to God’s name. While an assumption exists that Music in Worship majors do not have to work hard due to the artistic nature of their major, in reality these students…

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  • What Does Piano Mean To You Essay

    piano, it relieves my stress. When I hear myself play the piano, it relieves my stress. When I listen to music, it relieves my stress, any music, any radio station. So, I believe that music or piano relieves stress. I have played the piano since I was in first grade. I have always loved music, especially since my mom played piano and likes to sing. Whenever I play the piano and hear those flowing notes, I feel like I have less stress. The elegant sounds of the piano give me a chill. I have…

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  • Similarities And Differences In The Way Christian Worship

    There are a lot of similarities and differences in the way Christians worship. Worship is something that can be done in numerous ways, but the overall purpose remains the same. Many have differing opinions on how to worship depending on their preference. Some of the ways Christians worship include using visual art, music, and theatre. Each way of worshipping has its own unique qualities, but there are many comparisons between the worshipping styles. Although each way of worshipping has…

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  • Personal Narrative: Deep Roots In My Religion

    tradition of faith in my family at a young age (Detrick “Religion”). My level of conscious choice in my religion has fluctuated over my lifetime. As a child, my surroundings were filtered through a Christian lens, and I was only exposed to ideas and activities that echoed Christian values. This lack of exposure to any contrasting worldviews prevented me from ever challenging myself on my own beliefs. It was not until I was older that I began to learn about different religions. When I moved out…

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  • Gandhi 210 Final Paper

    1. Before Humanities 210, how would you have described the philosophies/religions that influenced your processes for decision making, thinking, and developing preferences? How would you describe your level of conscious choice of and commitment to these philosophies/religions? What helped form or develop the belief in that philosophy/religion? Answer: Growing up, I always went to a Christian church and my parents raised me with Christian values. This has had an incredible impact on my…

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