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  • Christina Aguilera Research Paper

    Celebrity Star Text Christina Aguilera began her career as the epitome of what it meant to be a teen pop star. She was the blond hair, blue eyed, Barbie doll every teenage girl wanted to be like. The media labeled her as the sweet, innocent pop artist, along with her former co-stars from the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Her first debut album featured her number one hit single, “Genie in a Bottle” which gave her the image of her teen pop identity. Yet, Christina never liked the image her label was manufacturing for her and she started to rebel against the image that her label and the media had portrayed her as. Therefore, for her second album ‘Stripped, she revealed to everyone who the real Christina Aguilera was;…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Stereotypes Essay

    The first step towards success is coming to grips with the problems and obstacles. Personally, I view Mayella as a working progress towards a successful adult growing up in a very abusive environment her whole life. In fact, there a very famous, and very successful singer, Christina Aguilera came from an incredibly abusive household that shows what hard work and hope can accomplish. She has released in interviews that growing up with her army sergeant father was no walk in the park. During her…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Music Video Analysis

    One of the good LGBT representations in the music video is that Christina Aguilera showed that no matter how you are what you believe in, that you are beautiful. For example, in the video there were two men who were kissing and holding hands in public. Another one is when there was a guy putting a bra on when he was changing. In this song she sings, “You 're beautiful, no matter what they say, words can 't bring you down, oh no, you 're beautiful, in every single way” (Aguilera). Christina mixes…

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  • How Did Christina Aguilera Impact Society

    “ The roughest road often leads to the top”. – Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera was unconventional in her youth but later made a good contribution to society. Her contributions not only impacted society, but were also impacted by her unconventionality. Christina Aguilera was born December 18th ,1980, she was raised in Staten Island New York. She attended Marshall middle school, and north Allegheny high school but, she didn’t attend college. Christina mother was shelly Kearns her father…

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  • Personal Narrative: Where Were Do We Start?

    As soon as I ran into my room, I could sense that something was out of place. I thought it was that I left my homework at school or that I did not feed my pet fish Arnold, but whenever I thought of Arnold I thought of my other pet dog Rocky. The last time I saw him was before I left for school, now he was gone. My bright blue colored room was so empty without Rocky. Where could he have been? I checked the kitchen, the backyard and my parents room. Rocky was a big brown dog with big ears and a…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Was Your Score?

    There I was in the kitchen opening up the scores to my ACT. I have been waiting months to see what I got. I thought to myself, all this studying finally paid off. I remember right after we completed the test how well I thought I did, that even though this was my first time taking it, I was going to get a score no less than a thirty. My mother was in the living room reading a magazine, I was in the kitchen about to open the letter. I opened the letter and saw my score. It was a twenty… I…

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  • Reflective Essay: What I Learned In A Communication Class

    At the beginning of the semester I was worried because I though this class was going to be really hard for me. The first days of class I was okay,but when I find out that I had to do an introductory speech I panicked. I am a very shy person and I don 't talk a lot, I know that this can be bad, but it is difficult for me to change. FYE made the right choice for me, with a group everything seems better. Throughout the semester there has been challenges for me in this class but I never gave up. …

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  • Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving 2014, my family from both sides gathered around the dining table at my nonnas house. Rachel my eldest sister stands up and slightly and safely taps her fork against the fine crystal glass. We all look up standing around the table built for 20. Huff her husband holds rachel 's hands as my niece and nephew both of her of 5 years had huge grins upon their small faces. ¨My family, i 'm so glad we could be together on this joyous holiday-¨ she continues with a tear. ¨ i would like to…

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  • Narrative Essay On My Special Place

    As my heavy eyelids open, I immediately look out to identify the scenery around me. After two years of traveling, the landscapes begin to slowly blend together. The red ground tells me I’m in Arizona. No, it’s too flat. Arizona has miles of towering mountains that make you feel tiny in comparison. It must be Utah. No, there’s way too much green. Utah is so red you feel like you could drown in it. It’s New Mexico. New Mexico has seemingly endless roads of nothing that rarely lead to any place of…

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  • My Love Of Writing

    Some may say in an unbearable voice, “Writing is so boring! I don 't want to write, be creative, or write essays about any historical event.” I was not surrounded by many lovers of writing growing up. That is why I appreciate writing as much as I do. It is the sense of being unique and not following the crowd of literacy haters that gave me my gratitude. It is a way to transform my inner thoughts into something worthy of pen and paper. From little jots about cats and dogs from my youthful days…

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