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  • Psychological Analysis Of Precious Movie

    This movie starts by introducing Claireece “Precious” Jones, a very miserable 16 year old living in urban Harlem who fantasizes about being “normal”. Her mother, Mary played by Mo’Nique, has a daily routine of watching TV, smoking cigarettes and cruelly oppressing her daughter by treating her like a slave, telling Precious that she wishes she would have abort her, and repeatedly telling her that she is nothing. The psychological abuse and manipulation is only underlying to the physical and…

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  • My Freshman Year That Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

    Freshman year I began my journey here at Seton Hall as a student-athlete by being introduced to a new group of girls that I would spend almost every waking second with. My roommate was my fellow freshman teammate, Allison (I’ve changed her name), whom I’ve never met prior to school starting. Due to us spending so much time together, adjusting to living with another person became easy. Allison and I became friends, communicated well with each other, and rarely had any problems. Then about…

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  • Colleon-Personal Narrative

    It was a warm summer night when I pulled up in my blue Corvette convertible to pick up my boyfriend, Coleton. To my surprise, he was already standing outside, dressed to kill, as usual, but there was a string of cars lined up along the curb. He motioned for me to pull in front of the cars; seemingly, trying to prevent me from seeing what was going on. I’d heard a lot of talk about Coleton being a pimp and drug dealer, but he has a regular 9 to 5 so I allowed myself to believe this talk was…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Puente Motivational Conference

    Recently my class was given an incredible opportunity to catch sight of life from others points of view. We took a trip to a university that I feel relatively unfamiliar with; Furthermore, I was given the chance to interact with many others that are in the same path as myself. Individuals that are seeking similar opportunities in life for betterment through education. I speak of an event special to my heart, organized by a group of amazing leaders that will guide me into being a successful…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Dress

    The Dress Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt beautiful for the first time in a very long time. This was it! I knew I had found the dress of my dreams. How could this dress be so important to me? Others did not understand at all, but I knew I just had to have it. It was the first dress where I felt comfortable in my own skin. I looked back into the mirror, and I saw the most beautiful red dress that hugged my hips and had just enough beading to make me feel like a princess. I didn’t believe…

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  • Sierra Doup: A Short Story

    Sierra Doup My life is very rough, our life is very rough. I am Mirriam, and my daughter has not returned for a long while. My daughters name is Itibisam, and she has gone missing. I ponder at home in the dark, wondering when she would arrive. she is not often late to return to home. At first I believed that maybe she had just been late. Then hours passed, and I sit, thinking of all the things that might have happened. She knows better, though. I look at Suleiman, Itibisams father, and…

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  • Analysis Of Dante Rossetti's, Jenny By Dante Rossetti

    His sister, Christina, was also a renowned poet and just as scholarly as he. Christina found some modicum of success as an illustrator, but as a woman, most of her artwork, according to Lorraine Kooistra, was “for private pleasure rather than public recognition” (2) . Dante is on record as being one of his sister’s greatest supporters in her illustrating, and later, her writing. Christina herself went on to write many texts that are still studied to…

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  • The Lovliest Of Trees Analysis

    The two collections of poetry published in his lifetime revolve around the themes of beauty, youth, death, and patriotism. “The Lovliest of Trees” is a part of his earlier collection, A Shropshire Lad. Describing a blooming cherry tree, the speaker states that it is comparable to his fading youth. He recalls the past twenty years of his lifetime and presumes that he has fifty more to live. He wishes to appreciate nature’s beauty during the time he has left: “And since to look at things in…

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  • Goblin Market Christina Rossetti Analysis

    “Goblin Market”, a poem by Christina Rossetti, was written in the Victorian Era during a time of vast social and economic change across Europe. Even though this period was during a time of female suppression and order, Rossetti exposes many social ideologies -such as purity and female education- fd through the journey of two sisters, Laura and Lizzie. Despite initial impressions of being a childhood fairytale, the suggestive use of language implies an underlying message of an erotic sexual…

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  • The Farmer's Bride Theme

    Throughout relationship poetry, many feelings and attitudes are expressed through themes such as love and family. These feelings and attitudes bring to light the good and bad character aspects in the persons portrayed in the poems. In Christina Rossetti 's "Sister Maude", the relationship between two sisters is explained. In the poem, Rossetti creates a tense relationship between the siblings with the narrator addressing her sister directly through the poem. Throughout the poem, Rossetti…

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